Building the Resistance (Dream SMP)

2020.okt. 7.
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for Pogtopia!
for the union! for the revolution!
I'm never satisfied.
@TommyInnit @Dream @jschlattLIVE @Quackity @Technoblade
Filmed Live on Twitch:
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge, election edition. On the Dream SMP I go up against GeorgeNotFound, Dream, Quackity and jschlatt on Dream's Minecraft Server. We had lots of laughs but it was also very intense. This is a part of the Dream SMP Election and it is insane, fun and funny! POG CHAMP!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is against Quackity POG CHAMP!!!
The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • hmm... Conmune... Communist... COMMUNIST! WILBUR IS A COMMUNIST CONFIRMED

    Eli BEli B17 órája
    • as he should

      aryiaisaspyaryiaisaspy5 órája
  • he ded

    Emilio xdEmilio xd19 órája
  • I think its so funny that Wilbur is older than most of them

  • proof that wilbur watches grian and sides with the mycelium resistance:

    Maria DudauMaria DudauNapja
  • I’m gonna comment on this video every time I watch it

    Blake KellyBlake KellyNapja
    • Starting now

      Blake KellyBlake KellyNapja
  • Who is here since tommy died

    Clip MasterClip MasterNapja
  • Tubbo was pregnant with Michael-

    horrid -horrid -2 napja
  • wilbur:reads there gonna raise Niki's taxes also wilbur:simp mode activated* BURN THAT TO THE GROUD TOMMY

    Dutch BWDutch BW3 napja
  • when wilber said im older than all of you, i immediately thought to myself, cos im fairly fuckin new to these dream smp shenanigans and all involved: *how old is technoblade?* HE'S 21. IM 2 YEARS OLDER THAN THIS WEIRD PIG ANARCHIST AND NOW I HAVE TO GO LIE DOWN.

    Amy WallaceAmy Wallace3 napja
  • If u think about it, jslatt did take an L cus he took the L out of L'manberg

    Gamer_ PoGamer_ Po4 napja

    Hairy HandsHairy Hands4 napja
  • I know why he kept diamonds in the furnace it’s cuz no one would think to look for diamonds in there

    Larkin DupontLarkin Dupont5 napja
  • LUL

    Xiaofang NiuXiaofang Niu6 napja
  • Haha wait, wait no, is Tubbo's skin of Tweek Tweak? Am I hallucinating? Is that what his actual skin has been all along? Devastated. I'm devastated

    Lynn ClaywoodLynn Claywood7 napja
  • tHe rAilInGsSsSSs

    Divya Makes MusicDivya Makes Music7 napja
  • hi

    BoybogueBoybogue7 napja
  • i just watched techno blades vid and he trolled skeppy to do the maze and stuff to get carl back

    Jayden AmoahJayden Amoah7 napja
  • tommy: I can do any thing with this flint and steel Wilber: don't burn it down my brain: tommy ants to commit arson

    Jamie Collier-baneJamie Collier-bane8 napja

    Graysen MalloryGraysen Mallory8 napja
  • lol

    o_oo_o8 napja

    the pog dedekthe pog dedek8 napja
  • where was dream? on a vacation?

    SidiacSidiac8 napja
  • I- dosent the goverment watch wilbur for some info

    karenina yaprikarenina yapri9 napja
  • "Actually what does Techno want" foreshadowing

    AkirahAkirah9 napja
  • Ok but why is Wilbur sporting a Reagan/bush shirt? :0

    DylanTheSmylanDylanTheSmylan9 napja

    Amaya TakahashiAmaya Takahashi9 napja
  • “I told him I was pregnant” Absolute silence as Wilbur tries to take this in

    Audrey DwyerAudrey Dwyer9 napja
  • He whated the government gone

    Juan ReyesJuan Reyes9 napja
  • uwu

    Lauren Spyers-DuranLauren Spyers-Duran9 napja
  • Shlatt

    Shadow StormShadow Storm10 napja
  • I hate schaltt

    Shadow StormShadow Storm10 napja
  • tubbo:i told him i was pregnant :)

    Shuichi_ GlitchesShuichi_ Glitches10 napja
  • Truly disgusting, that so- wrong channel

    Eric DiazEric Diaz10 napja
    • Lol

      Birch PicturesBirch Pictures9 napja
  • Sad they didn't call it the "Resisdance"

    Chubby_H3dgies :3Chubby_H3dgies :311 napja
  • 16:32

    Azalea zinzunAzalea zinzun11 napja
  • o7 i miss pogtopia

    pewdiepie dkekpewdiepie dkek11 napja
  • Wilbur: -says i should subscribe- Me: *IM ALREADY SUBSCRIBED*

    Celia DeNormandieCelia DeNormandie12 napja
  • :3 ;3

    Abby StahlbuschAbby Stahlbusch12 napja
  • This is basically just me writing down funny moments for myself. Read them if you want, but I'd recommend finishing the video first, if you do, so it doesn't ruin any of the punchlines 1:02 W: "How long have you spent here?" Techno: "Uh, I haven't logged off" W: "Wait. You- you haven't logged off the server from last night?" T: "Yeah, I've just- I've just been here..." W: "That's like fourteen hours, Techno" T: "Revolution waits for no man" 1:29 W: "Wait, hold on, Techno, have you just built this dirt railing, so I don't fall again?" Techno: "Uh, perhaps, yeah. You know, child-proofed it" W: "I'm- I'm older than all of you! I'm literally the eldest- okay, Tubbo" Techno: "I elder-proofed it" ahaha the way they keep getting brought up throughout the video! 10:20 W: "Tommy mad. Tommy smash." Tommy in chat: "I am going to start smashing shit" W: [smiles] 11:40 JS: "L'Man- Manburg" F: "Manburg" JS: "Manburg" F: "Manburg" JS: "God, almost took an L there" Why was this so funny?! 16:35 Tubbo: "I told him I was pregnant" Okay, look, to be honest, I'm not really surprised Tubbo would give a ridiculous excuse like that, but something about the tone he said it to Wilbur in just got me. It would have been funny either way, but the flippancy with which he says it, just completely changes the situation

    ChickadeeChickadee12 napja
  • What do you expect from number one potato king on sky block

    Glizzy GangGlizzy Gang13 napja
  • Poor Wilbur

    Joshua PlayzJoshua Playz13 napja
  • 14:13

    Mariah WondraMariah Wondra14 napja
  • 3:11 it came from god

    Mariah WondraMariah Wondra14 napja
  • 1:04 chill techno

    Mariah WondraMariah Wondra14 napja
  • He wanted no government

    Shihasha UchihaShihasha Uchiha15 napja
  • r a i l i n g s

    C r ü e H e a dC r ü e H e a d15 napja
  • 2:46

    •MaddieNotFound••MaddieNotFound•15 napja
  • I’ve beat the system when he does black screen I PUT MY PHONE FACING THE ROOf

    Sanspike Blood-wolfSanspike Blood-wolf17 napja
  • Me on the black screen:"never"

    Sepro AlexSepro Alex17 napja
  • anyone else see will's neck lol

    Faith SchlottfeldFaith Schlottfeld17 napja
  • Lets all agree that we all need the railings

    Summer LaughlinSummer Laughlin17 napja
  • Wilbur looks so genuinely sad when funny says this - 11:28

    Cassady PlayzCassady Playz17 napja
  • bro why isnt ur channel verified xD

    TabtobTabtob18 napja
  • TRAITOR!!!!

    dzakhwan.dathan99 dathandzakhwan.dathan99 dathan18 napja

    HalfBloodPrincess 1029HalfBloodPrincess 102918 napja
  • pogtatos

    Gecko LettuceGecko Lettuce18 napja
  • tubbo is it a boy or a girl?

    Matty RathboneMatty Rathbone19 napja
  • use church prime water to clear the eggpire brainwash and other stuff from the egg

    fox dailyfox daily19 napja
  • pogtatoes lol i was thinking about pogtatoes before the chat said it

    isaac verreaultisaac verreault19 napja
  • Wilbur: What did you tell Shlatt? Tubbo: I told him I was pregnant Wilbur: *silence*

    Clay AftonClay Afton19 napja
  • This hits different now.

  • *pogtatoes*

    leenalsalemleenalsalem20 napja
  • Great video

    The Bored Youtube GamerThe Bored Youtube Gamer20 napja
  • I hate da song👎🏻

    Jwizzle YEETJwizzle YEET20 napja
  • Wilbur is so good at acting

    midnight_wolfemidnight_wolfe20 napja
  • i was the 669 dislike i then undisliked and liked

    Cameron OrdCameron Ord20 napja
  • Pog

    ItzChloeAnnItzChloeAnn20 napja
  • I am subscribed : )

    Toxic_Haste_VODSToxic_Haste_VODS21 napja
  • im not gay... but I’d be gay for techno

    rhys woolfrhys woolf21 napja
  • bugs and sh*t LMAO

    Itz_daikItz_daik21 napja
  • willbur f em up

    KID Lab wildKID Lab wild22 napja
  • Jschlatt is evil I hate him

    Gamertyty 100Gamertyty 10022 napja
  • Tommy just wants to protect his friends

    bo wilsonbo wilson22 napja
  • im subbed guys dont worry

    Riley BullRiley Bull22 napja
  • "IM THE ELDEST OF THE GROUP" family lore: are you sure about that...

    Gamer2052Gamer205222 napja
  • The dislikes are probably jschlatt using many accounts

    Stupid] [contentStupid] [content23 napja
  • this is where the smp went downhill no offence but it cringe now

    Aaron GrossmanAaron Grossman24 napja
    • @Aaron Grossman I pretty sure they enjoy what they do or they wouldn’t do rp

      *Dixie’s Fandoms**Dixie’s Fandoms*23 napja
    • @Aaron Grossman I mean they prob like it or have fun

      Rohail FaisalRohail Faisal23 napja
    • @Rohail Faisal i do feel bad though because the people on it need clout so they are forced to roleplay which they must hate

      Aaron GrossmanAaron Grossman23 napja
    • @Aaron Grossman just keep your opinions to yourself if you don't like them all right just don't shove it to people's faces and it's better not to cause there's some crazy stans who are take it way to far

      Rohail FaisalRohail Faisal23 napja
    • @Rohail Faisal how do you people enjoy dream smp

      Aaron GrossmanAaron Grossman23 napja

    Quick SuitQuick Suit24 napja
  • Nobody Not even a single soul Ponk be like: Hey Awesamdude you wanna sacrifice a cat?

    Derp KillaDerp Killa24 napja
  • You can literally see the hurt in wilburs eyes when fundy says he's not his son

    sleepyboisincsleepyboisinc24 napja
  • UK born citizen wearing US presidential debate merch. Love it

    Raisin BrandtRaisin Brandt24 napja
  • Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment24 napja
  • It's fun to come back and remember what l'manburg used to be

    EOA 04EOA 0424 napja
  • l"potato

    P CharlesP Charles25 napja
  • Anyone looking at cc just saying tender blade....

    Notebook ManNotebook Man25 napja
  • wilbur: actually what did technoblade want in return this was the moment techno should have seen the betrayal coming

    eriashueriashu25 napja
  • Poison pogtatoes

    Lily ReeveLily Reeve25 napja
  • When wilbur said he is eldest for a minute i thought he said he is an eldian

    FLAMEMECH 56FLAMEMECH 5625 napja
  • Tubbos nickname should be tubstep

    Herbie RobertsHerbie Roberts25 napja
  • I'm think bad older but then again bad mind is 5 so yes guess you are oldest

    SpaceGirl- XSpaceGirl- X25 napja
  • Why is nobody commenting on his American gear lmao

    Nissan SkylineNissan Skyline26 napja
  • I was crying the whole time😢

    Adobix SecretAdobix Secret26 napja
  • I love tommy and Wilbur and technos lifeless voice

    Ezrah EsparzaEzrah Esparza27 napja
  • You scared me when you turned the screen black in the beginning

    marthijs hendriksmarthijs hendriks27 napja
  • MOM TOOK AWAY MY PS4! so i punched a hole through my bedroom wall.

    godmyhaxe8godmyhaxe827 napja
  • good ol days

    YaparrotboiYaparrotboi27 napja
  • How does he include me in every video

    Xavier BlighXavier Bligh28 napja

    Layla MazrehLayla Mazreh28 napja
  • “ for the union! for the revolution! I'm never satisfied”

    Ezra MAYANEzra MAYAN28 napja
  • 48-hour Technoblade is a level of chaotic I just was NOT expecting

    Rainbow Goat Of DeathRainbow Goat Of Death29 napja