I Forced 100 Players to Compete in a Bell-Ringing Contest

2020.dec. 6.
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Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • 9:44 Does anyone know the name of the song?

    Super NaturalSuper NaturalÓrája
  • elodie supremacy ☝️

    luvelygogyluvelygogy2 órája
  • Ha hey that’s what thingy, she said that- like wtf Tommy

    Dingo DingoDingo Dingo5 órája
  • 🌷🌸 *enraged* 🌸🌹

    Solomon JonesSolomon Jones5 órája
  • “That what thingy- She said that”

    II15 órája

    Bo-eagle Van BelleBo-eagle Van Belle16 órája

    Oreo DubblestuffzOreo Dubblestuffz16 órája
  • i love elodie

    sidsid21 órája
  • Tommy is secretly sexist

    Whitewolf GamzWhitewolf Gamz23 órája

    RobofiRobofi23 órája
  • Elodie :)

    Grey WorldGrey WorldNapja
  • 85% of comments here are just Elodie simps. Thats precious tho

    I miss 2010sI miss 2010sNapja
  • Wilbur you kill that animals by doing /kill @e, but everything dies including the others

    Sakura BlossomsSakura BlossomsNapja
  • Hi My Name Is Adam In Rl.But Im Not AdamPlays.And I Just Wanted To Say I Keep Smiling Every Time U Say My Name,I Have A Really Bad Day Before I Saw Ur Minecraft Videos.Thank U I Really Love It!!!

    The Quiet Gamer -Adam-The Quiet Gamer -Adam-Napja
  • The actually name from the challenge who has the best auto clicker

    Xaver - PlayerXaver - PlayerNapja
  • The people in the comunity house is lgbtq comunity

  • Do I have a big practice exam tomorrow? Yes. Am I binge watching Wilbur instead of preparing? Also yes.

    No SleepNo SleepNapja
  • 11:55

  • watching this video while my mom is in the other room watching hairspray right as "i can hear the bells" starts playing

    Haley HarperHaley HarperNapja
  • Can we all take a moment to appreciate elodie and how awesome she is

    TheHungryDemonTheHungryDemon2 napja
  • People told me that if I was stressed I should watch wilbur

    Willow HawleyWillow Hawley2 napja
  • Dolfun timeee

    V RV R2 napja
  • Dolfun

    Mouwas 76Mouwas 762 napja
  • Dolfun.

    X_Elle_ XX_Elle_ X2 napja
  • i just realised tommy has more subs than wilbur you have been overtaken by a child

    shadowshaker 76shadowshaker 762 napja
  • What if you craft your own bell?

    Cracker CatCracker Cat2 napja
  • “Dolfun” -Elodie

    rxmborxmbo2 napja
  • every now and then i hope that someone's made a best of elodie compilation and i do not see it. i am tempted to do it myself

    MiaMia2 napja
  • Hey Wilbur, who makes you're thumbnails?

    Nerissa_ SchwartzNerissa_ Schwartz2 napja
  • Dolfun 👹

  • Dolfun

    Danny TellezDanny Tellez2 napja
  • Dolfun

    R vlogs UR vlogs U2 napja
  • Lets appreciate the names of some of Elodies files 1. My favourite obama pics 2. Christian hentai

    sxilky Heatherssxilky Heathers3 napja
  • Hi

    RenTheSlytherin GamingRenTheSlytherin Gaming3 napja
  • There is currently 6.9 k comments.

    Depresso Expresso GamesDepresso Expresso Games3 napja
  • The first few seconds of the video though-

    Eressea YoungerEressea Younger3 napja
  • Dolfun my dudes

    Swisin WisinSwisin Wisin4 napja
  • 11:54 rip headphone users

    Mysty GamerMysty Gamer5 napja
  • 11:48 IM DEAD BRO

    Jeremy PassiniJeremy Passini5 napja
  • 3:07 in the corner it says Mjopa!

    Turtle_ KawaiiTurtle_ Kawaii5 napja
  • idea: go ont the 20w14infinite and make random portals and we try to survive in there

    PistonXDPistonXD6 napja
  • Dolfun.

    BoxBreakerBoxBreaker6 napja
  • Dolphun.

    Mystic ZMystic Z6 napja
  • Hit that notification bell

    Mystic ZMystic Z6 napja

    Baby ChungusBaby Chungus6 napja
  • ??? They "burnt" netherite pickaxes?? Netherite doesn’t burn 😂

    AJ LeeAJ Lee6 napja
  • *A GIRL*

    chair legchair leg6 napja
  • dolfun lol

    Dinerbone 694Dinerbone 6947 napja
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate how pretty Elodie is

    Holley CarsonHolley Carson7 napja
  • Peta's animal make it alive rate I 1 percent

    big tastybig tasty7 napja
  • You should do somethng like whoever has the bell at the end of an hour or something.

    GingeWolveGingeWolve8 napja
  • Dolfun

    SomebodySomebody8 napja
  • "Forced" hahaha, so much sarcasm in the titles 🤣 😆 😅

    Joshua CurleyJoshua Curley8 napja
  • I now hate the word "squidge", thanks tommy

    AydenbetAydenbet8 napja
  • Fact: In Peta's eyes "Saving" animals is basically just taking a knife and just putting it right down its throat

    Random 10yo WeebRandom 10yo Weeb8 napja
  • he should do one where they have to go through a maze, if he hasn't already

    Aalani TaylorAalani Taylor8 napja
  • The brain of someone who ain't subscribed . The brain of someone who is subscribed (If your wondering where the brain is it was to massive for me to fit on this)

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  • Oh no He kermitted lava swim

    GalacticStarGalacticStar8 napja
  • Mjopa is cool...i am not them but i think they are cool!

    Kira JosephsonKira Josephson8 napja
  • I love how cermit just cermited suicide

    An1mei5lif3An1mei5lif39 napja
  • Elodie tell us why one of the folders said Christian henti

    a nobodya nobody9 napja
  • dolfun.

    Blueberry boiBlueberry boi9 napja
  • ّ

    khzi Boudkhzi Boud10 napja

    Emily AndrewsEmily Andrews10 napja
  • 11:50 well you could say he kermited suicide

    The_Fluffy_ScrubThe_Fluffy_Scrub10 napja
    • @Fredo thanks

      The_Fluffy_ScrubThe_Fluffy_Scrub9 napja
    • Nice one

      FredoFredo10 napja
  • Dolfun chain 👇

    99master99master10 napja
  • Who else wants a TV show called ‘Here Comes Adam’ about Adamplays, the murderer with the need to win?

    AshesAshes10 napja
  • no one: technoblade when the sellout timer goes off:

    Norian UniverseNorian Universe10 napja
  • this is elodie's show, wilbur merely stars in it

    murderousCrowwmurderousCroww10 napja
  • 11:53 Dying horse sound like...

    Alex NakanoAlex Nakano10 napja
  • 11:54

    Nagisa ShiotaNagisa Shiota11 napja
  • Elodie is pretty 😳

    Arashi KyoArashi Kyo11 napja
  • I love these kinds of streams

    Adam MumadAdam Mumad11 napja

    Tom McGrathTom McGrath11 napja
  • I’m always subscribed:))

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  • I was laughing along when Kermit first appeared XD

    Qkai76Qkai7611 napja
  • The rich composition beautifully cough because punishment admittedly preach onto a unsuitable tights. legal, unique iris

    Barrows AlthaBarrows Altha12 napja
  • thats bigger than I thought it would be thats what thingy, she said that i am literally dying holy crap

    AbsentRealityAbsentReality12 napja
  • This should be an actual MC game.

    The Only ShiellThe Only Shiell12 napja
  • the lesbian cottage 🥺

    seenisabeanseenisabean12 napja
  • 11:54 elmo

    NeraiNerai12 napja
  • stop forcing ppl

    amy wangamy wang12 napja
  • Wilbur: how do I kill the animals?! Screen: *Peta, because animals need all the help they can get* 1:24

    Gaming GirlGaming Girl12 napja
  • elodie is hella cool

    darlingdarling12 napja
  • Kermit kermitted

    DaniDani12 napja
  • That Kermit guy: "Boy that was embarrassing. I sure do hope no one saw me walk into lava. Imagine if this was live streamed to 100k+ people, then uploaded to HUworld.com where another 2.1 million people watched it. That would be embarrassing." Oh how little he knows.

    lonewolfplayslonewolfplays13 napja
  • you can just get an auto clikker

    Allie PolinskiAllie Polinski13 napja
  • What’s elodies channel

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  • No worries luv, just subbed! I'm here to save your economy :D

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  • How about you do the same thing, but instead its about keeping a specific item in your inventory for as long as possible, where the item is something along the lines of an emerald or a book. The admins can drop this item at the start of the game in the middle of the map and give the player who has it in their inventory a glowing effect so everyone knows who they have to go after. It would be interesting to see what kinds of strategies people would be able to come up with in this scenario!

    Sam VeltmanSam Veltman13 napja
  • Legend says no one knows what's kermit frog deals

    Clarista RosellaClarista Rosella14 napja
  • Kermit is a fucking cryptic

    ibestboss yibestboss y14 napja
  • What if they got technoblade for this

    Lukehhk03Lukehhk0314 napja
  • dolfun

    Shea HatfieldShea Hatfield14 napja
  • Dolfun

    Space KidSpace Kid14 napja
  • Me un subbing Wilbur just to feel the glory of subbing him

    Katie GillettKatie Gillett14 napja
  • Wilbur and Tommy: *bully Elodie profusely Elodie who edits the video: “Reality can be whatever I want”

    Blitzwinger999 WrightBlitzwinger999 Wright14 napja
  • Elodie would religiously without care spam Wilbur videos of the bully busters

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  • Definitely subscribed :D

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  • Dolfun got me bad

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