If I Find the Bathtub the Video Ends

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  • but that is a bigggggg really really really bigggggg house if u go outside you must see that house 🤣

    mama _Vmama _V3 órája
  • That house looks scary

    Nobody NobodyNobody Nobody3 órája
  • Imagine playing hide and seek in this house

    Carson RousselCarson Roussel14 órája
  • Wilbur: *finds two toilets HUworld ad: the best place to hide a body...

    Thalia OakenshieldThalia Oakenshield14 órája
  • As an American I can confirm that our architecture is very confusing

    The god of randomThe god of random14 órája

    MeganLxCxMeganLxCx15 órája
  • Why didI read the thumbnail as ‘this is a gay cry for help’ I think my homosexual is showing-

    In the clouds with Mary JaneIn the clouds with Mary Jane17 órája
  • 4:50 This place *is* an emergency. The exits are just if you lose your mind and need to get the f*ck out of there.

    Dylan SickingerDylan Sickinger17 órája
  • "Its not that complicated of a house." *turns corner* The house made itself more complicated just to prove Wilbur wrong

    Dylan SickingerDylan Sickinger17 órája
  • I think this house is another dimension. Its much bigger than it seems, super confusing, really weird stuff everywhere, and it seems to loop. This is just the place that stuff disappears to randomly, and where the universe sends all its mistakes.

    Dylan SickingerDylan Sickinger18 órája
  • 1:49 didn’t even notice the 2 toilets

    Sxnsxt_mxxn XSxnsxt_mxxn X18 órája
  • 5:51 E

    Nathan MaysNathan Mays18 órája
  • Alternative title wilbur spend 17:24 minutes for nothing

    daanbanaan12daanbanaan1221 órája
  • alt title: Wilbur soot explores the true backrooms looking for a bath tub

    EchoEcho21 órája
  • bruh I'm on the site with the house and I'm finding so many rooms he didn't look in I ALSO FOUND A CAT. A CAT.

    Kendall Miller-RiderKendall Miller-Rider22 órája
  • ? Kito Animates ¿? Kito Animates ¿Napja
  • OH NO AMONG US 11:40

  • Wilbur: how many people get lost in a house? Also wilbur: gets completely lost in the house

  • This would make for an epic game of hide and seek

    Goferboy 237Goferboy 237Napja

    sid Lizlizsid LizlizNapja
  • this place low key would be an amazing place to live, like if you cleaned it up youd have so much space and like if you and bunch of friends lived there it would be so much fun, also that little nook would be so fun as like a reading nook kinda thing

    Izzy EliasIzzy EliasNapja
  • I'm from Kentucky and I'm dyeing he said louis Ville. You pronounce it as louievil. And your in an apartment sir.

    Maddox BrownMaddox BrownNapja
  • Was that a freaking usps place

    Fast CastFast CastNapja
  • (Lou vull)is how it’s pronounced

    Harrison GabbardHarrison GabbardNapja
  • Shrek movies at 11:51

    ethanboy infiniteethanboy infiniteNapja
  • it took fuking 17 minutes to find a bathtub. incredible

    lappland -lappland -Napja
  • Wtf is wrong with you this is my house

    ethanboy infiniteethanboy infiniteNapja
  • “2 different games”

    Sawyer PaulSawyer PaulNapja
  • This house is worse the ikea

    polyamorous smol beanpolyamorous smol beanNapja
  • i would buy the house, sell everything in it, then sell the house and go buy a proper house and be rich

    polyamorous smol beanpolyamorous smol beanNapja
  • Imagine visiting the owner in this house “Hey can i use the bathroom” Sure “Where is it” Left right straight left up down left right right left up left up down down right and i forgot the rest “I can hold it”

  • It took 17 mins for him to find a bathtub

    Aleya’s Gamer wolfAleya’s Gamer wolfNapja
  • the thumbnail looks like it says "this is a gay for help"

    Mathilda TurichMathilda TurichNapja
  • just a not sus bottle of lotion next to a bed... not sus at all

    chicken wingchicken wingNapja
  • Wilbur: LET ME IN THE PO** ROOM 5 secs later: im not aloud in the po** room :(

    Mikayla CallahanMikayla CallahanNapja
  • Hey I found it yeet

    Ace Brodhun-LudkeAce Brodhun-LudkeNapja
  • At 7:10 there are three Xbox 360s why

    Ace Brodhun-LudkeAce Brodhun-LudkeNapja
  • hahaha i live in Louisville Kentucky

    percy the person_percy the person_Napja
  • The funny thing is this is the first video I ever watched of anyone on the smp and when I started watching this I started watching all of them. I can believe this is the first video I ever saw of any of them, but honestly I'm so glad this is the first one.

    Anime AlienAnime AlienNapja
  • I didn't know the new Tardis looked like this!

    Victor PikemanVictor PikemanNapja
  • halfway through this i thought this must be the HQ for hide and seek

    Chloe MallinsonChloe Mallinson2 napja
  • no one: the chat at the beginning: WHO THE FUCK IS THAT AND WHAT DID U DO WITH OUR BOY

    Rosey ChanRosey Chan2 napja
  • The house is so gross and unorganised 😦😩

    BrettBrett2 napja
  • This is for the girls. 15:27.

    Adrienne MalsbergerAdrienne Malsberger2 napja
  • unexpected wilbur asmr at 15:12 ur welcome

    shewanellashewanella2 napja
  • i remember vivid nightmares from my childhood in this exact setting... like in that exact house.

    shewanellashewanella2 napja
  • When you realize they recycled this content from the Yogscast. 😕

    Nathan ClemonsNathan Clemons2 napja
  • Reply to this if you’ve found this house on Google and tried to find the bathtub. I wanna know how many people are as insane as I am

    Braden WylieBraden Wylie2 napja
  • It's scp 3008 house edition

    Dinoclj2006Dinoclj20062 napja
  • The box stairs.

    KaleKale2 napja
  • My cousins have a men and women bathroom in their gaming area/ basement.

    Dakota RoseDakota Rose2 napja

    FlaffelFlaffel2 napja
  • FYI: Most American Houses are NOT like this.

    Doodles BlahDoodles Blah2 napja
  • this is a horror movie house

    Avery CloudAvery Cloud2 napja
  • That bathtub is kinda cool. The bath is one of the best parts of the house and you can’t see it onsonsidnisnjsbhbdhbdibxhvsjndjb

    Ella KenneyElla Kenney3 napja
  • 2:29 why is there TWO TOILETS ?????????

    Charlie BartramCharlie Bartram3 napja
  • will are you ok hes going crazy

    bunn hopsbunn hops3 napja
  • e…就我一个?

    冰兒冰兒3 napja

    -Willow--Willow-3 napja
  • About a third of the way through this video, my mind decided that this was the reoccuring hallway from scp, but it got a day job as storage.

    Ender Is_hereEnder Is_here3 napja
  • Watching this made me have an anxiety attack

    AlexanderAlexander3 napja
  • Is he wearing dream merch-?? ;*

    Maggie & MallowMaggie & Mallow3 napja
  • We trying to find a new part of a cave in Minecraft

    Shining CarShining Car3 napja
  • The bathtub is better then the whole house

    ArasNeedsSleepArasNeedsSleep3 napja
  • not agaim wilbur is on a new set of drugs

    •sso•cult••sso•cult•3 napja
  • This is not a house it´s a labyrinth

    atauceiataucei3 napja
  • Are you sure it's not an scp

    •Koshi Sugawara••Koshi Sugawara•3 napja
  • This house gives off SUCH midwestern U.S. vibes

    Timid .FooleryTimid .Foolery3 napja
  • legend has it he is still trying to hack into the p**n room

    not makaylagomeznot makaylagomez3 napja
  • Alternate title: The Best Way to Get a Headache

    ThatOneRandomBookNerdThatOneRandomBookNerd3 napja
  • “an exit sign above the door?? just in case you didn’t know how you got it” just wait

    mystic wolfmystic wolf3 napja
  • as someone who grew us with a hoarder, this house gave me anxiety

    mystic wolfmystic wolf3 napja
  • this is purgatory

    Danny Devito our lordDanny Devito our lord4 napja
  • Even as an american this house confuses me. Like why the hell does this house have like 5 toilets And so many storage rooms!? HEH!?

    the fallen demonthe fallen demon4 napja
  • *when your from Louisville Kentucky and get scared that this is how Wilbur now sees Kentucky*

    Savannah BallardSavannah Ballard4 napja
  • First 3 minutes: who TF needs an exit sign in a House? Later: oh.

    Levi JaegerLevi Jaeger4 napja
  • Any wales champ in the chat?: *me silentely wishing I was in the stream because I'm a "Wales Champ".

    Nature ArtyNature Arty4 napja
  • wilbur "is this building an scp!?"

    Dave6437 zepolDave6437 zepol4 napja
  • I have never seen my state be used in a HUworld video and of course it’s this one

    Elly HarganElly Hargan4 napja
  • His voice sounded so similar

    Charlotte Entwisle-PhillipsCharlotte Entwisle-Phillips4 napja
  • I swear not every house in Kentucky looks like this 😭

    weirdonotfoundweirdonotfound4 napja
  • I used to live an hour away from Louisville ._.

    いちご狩りゆめいちご狩りゆめ4 napja
  • The warlike pear conclusively tire because linda topically rejoice abaft a mere bumper. encouraging, gaping overcoat

    Fawaz ImadFawaz Imad4 napja
  • When you realize that the video is 17 minutes long: "Why are we here, just to suffer"

    VA - 04SL 831635 Trelawny PSVA - 04SL 831635 Trelawny PS4 napja
  • omg i found the bath tub

    Breneila GilliamBreneila Gilliam4 napja
  • So basically this whole video was a waste of time 🤣

    Ryan PheaseyRyan Pheasey4 napja
  • ben is so chill i love his energy

    nabsnabs5 napja
  • What do you mean the devs?! I T S A H O U S E B E N E D I C T

    AlandroAlandro5 napja
  • They brought back the tub circles. Humanity restored.

    BluLynxBluLynx5 napja

    Jennifer VankoJennifer Vanko5 napja
  • as a louisvillian can i just say that this house is not a representation of our city louisville is a lovely place

    Baddie 🅱️ Barbie tingz bangin’ body 🅱️Baddie 🅱️ Barbie tingz bangin’ body 🅱️5 napja
    • also its looey-vul or loo-ee-ville

      Baddie 🅱️ Barbie tingz bangin’ body 🅱️Baddie 🅱️ Barbie tingz bangin’ body 🅱️5 napja
  • "its an old church" Bruh they turned the fuckin babtism pool into a bathtub ... I need to start looking up churches going out of business.

    Enderborn272Enderborn2725 napja

    Trysten DennisTrysten Dennis5 napja
  • when you go on the website and find the bathtub when it is supposed to be gone :)

    Lily RodLily Rod5 napja
  • Okay... hear me out... think about this house with everything taken out like completely empty. I would love this house (with a different style or updated) like genuinely this is a huge house and it would be amazing if it were "fixed" I think that might be the right word?

    Emma StoreyEmma Storey5 napja
  • Wait-? People in England don't use Laundry rooms-?

    DominatorKidIsMe 2121DominatorKidIsMe 21215 napja
  • That is a church cleansing? Cure? Rebirth? Pool

    the unseen gamer tkthe unseen gamer tk5 napja
  • It’s like the infinite ikea

    Mr. MuffinMr. Muffin5 napja
  • ...do British people not have laundry rooms... where do they put the washer??

    gabe gardnergabe gardner6 napja
    • Usually we have bigger kitchens and we just put them in there some people have laundry rooms but many people don’t

  • I was born in Kentucky... my house was like this... just a normal house :(

    Holley CarsonHolley Carson6 napja