Never play Among Us with me

2020.szept. 4.
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I am the worst among us boy. The dirty crime boy if you will
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Among us is a game in which one of your friends is an Imposter and the other nine are crewmates. The crewmates have to complete tasks around a ship before the Imposter can catch them. This is not Minecraft unfortunately but it is still very funny and has lots of Minecraft youtubers like Technoblade and TommyInnit playing it. Among us, but it's not Minecraft could be a good title lmao
Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • Somebody saw you kill in Among Us: Panik It was Tommy: Kalm Literally though, why does no one trust Tommy

    NS ChannelNS Channel9 órája
  • Yes!!!!!! WIN!!!!

    Claire KeetClaire Keet20 órája
  • Tommy : Its Tubbo Also Tommy : I trust Tubbo

    Cornel MondeaCornel Mondea21 órája
  • Tubbo is so cute 🥺

    Maya AndersonMaya Anderson22 órája
  • Tubbo went into electrical with Weirdfsh and then Weirdfsh died seconds later, then he said "I didnt know you could turn oxygen on as an imposter" Like its so Obvious!!!

    daisy haywooddaisy haywoodNapja
  • minx is a shame to all irish human beings

    G FamilyG FamilyNapja
  • noone: wilbur when minx is voted off, yoyo time

    Lewis WongLewis WongNapja
  • 0:29 tommy: look at me Wilbur: huh? Tommy: I look good

    Crystal kitty StarsCrystal kitty StarsNapja
  • At 19:43 I already figured out if was Tubbo because WeirdFish went into Elec and Tubbo followed him in then Ph1lza's body was found and WeirdFish was also dead. I love it when things don't come together!

  • Wilbur: it was 69012 I’m tellin ya Wilbur gets louder: IT WAS 69012 The actual code being 69051: am i fucking joke to you?!??!?!

  • @ TUBBO LITERALLY SAID " i didn't know you could turn the o2 back on as an impostor,, i just turned it on" TUBBO ADMITTED TO BEING AN IMPOSTOR TF?

    Howling KittyHowling KittyNapja
  • when i saw jack dead i knew it was tubbo

    Howling KittyHowling KittyNapja
  • I love how bad everyone is at imposter (venting/killing in front, etc) but it makes it so funny to watch I absolutely adore these videos

  • Ka approves of Wilbur Soot.

  • H

    Alainya DawsonAlainya DawsonNapja
  • "I'm very sure about connor i think connors fine"-wilbur a few minutes later "Connors acting very strange i think it might be him"-also wilbur

    Beth HEMSLEYBeth HEMSLEY2 napja
  • the way wilbur says that everyone else has ruined the game and then ligit 5 seconds later he admits that he killed or he was the imposter is so good

    Bethany WilliamsBethany Williams2 napja
  • i love how good tubbo is at the game. he has a '3rd eye' which he uses to find the imposter and it is 98% correct and he can say thing like ' i didnt know you could turn oxygen back on as an imposter ' and yet he still doesnt get voted off and ends up winning. also my fave quote of the games: tommy: i am not a gentleman and i just saw a murder. sounds like me and my friends when we play

    Bethany WilliamsBethany Williams2 napja
  • Congrats on 4 mil. Subs

    mali malimali mali2 napja
  • Wilbur: Tubbo I think it’s you. Tubbo: Oh, okay. Minx: ..I hate this.

    Jack LuckettJack Luckett2 napja
  • HE TOOK A TACTICAL PISS!!!! Thats the best thing ever

    cool dudecool dude2 napja
  • At 19:39 Tubbo and WeridFish walk in electrical then when the meeting is called WeridFish is dead. BRUH!

    Ayden NavaAyden Nava2 napja
  • Someone else dies: -vote him! He's the imposter! Tommy dies: -did you killed tommy? +yes. -thank you.

    •AsoCan Aso••AsoCan Aso•2 napja
  • Wilbur's chaotic and psychopathic mindset is what I subbed for in this channel >:-D

    Slick xDSlick xD3 napja
  • Wilbur pulls out tommys vlog gun

    calepeb finlaycalepeb finlay3 napja
  • I swear on my gaming keyboard. Its not me. My favorite line.

    -Stat·u·esque--Stat·u·esque-3 napja
  • **Connor killing** *Wil seeing Connor kill but not seeing Sneeg dancing around the body??*

    xxSkyStar _xxSkyStar _3 napja
    • also its around 3:25

      xxSkyStar _xxSkyStar _3 napja
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    Kevin BudzischKevin Budzisch3 napja
  • Skip to 3:02 for game

    Muhammad Luqmaan MunirMuhammad Luqmaan Munir4 napja
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    Mario JiovannyMario Jiovanny4 napja
  • e

    KillzaKillza4 napja
  • I knew it was Sneeg for the first round because when Connor killed at admin Sneeg did not report the body immediately nor accuse Connor soo..

    Joanna JiaoJoanna Jiao4 napja

    HenryAllan MercadoHenryAllan Mercado5 napja

    HenryAllan MercadoHenryAllan Mercado5 napja
  • 19:41 *Tubbo just casually walks in with WeirdFsh* *Wilbur doesn’t realize* *2 seconds later, next meeting and WeirdFsh is dead* Just me who realized this before seeing the end?

    Lps GachaLps Gacha6 napja
  • Wilbur when Tubbo and WeirdFsh go into electrical together: "I'm just going to let that sit for a bit." Wilbur: finds body in storage right after WeirdFsh: is dead Wilbur: *TOTALLY DOESN"T REALIZE TUBBO DID IT*

    tabboud :Dtabboud :D6 napja
  • Wilbur: never play among us with me Me: because you might expose yourself as an imposter or accusing tubbo, i am full of questions in my mind.

    twoblutwoblu7 napja
  • 3:02

    Maia McKinneyMaia McKinney7 napja
  • I swear that Wilbur and Tommy are brothers, it's so funny. The banter when tommy moves to brighton will be so funny

    BeanosinDebtBeanosinDebt7 napja
  • was that tommy's vlog gun-

    Ezra CrockettEzra Crockett7 napja
  • One time I went to do the wires task in admin, I put an emergency meeting and I said ´´Can I get help in admin wires? I´m colorblind..´´'great day that was

    SunriseSunrise7 napja
  • I'm actually shocked how bad everyone is at this game lol

    TheSpicySantaTheSpicySanta7 napja
  • WeirdFish is precious and shall be protected

    Weird TreeWeird Tree7 napja
  • crusti mic noyzes

    DirtiCrimeBoiDirtiCrimeBoi7 napja
  • 64 in Minecraft server stack

    ItachiItachi7 napja
  • Hi how are you are you good

    ItachiItachi7 napja
  • he's so mean to minx even though when minx was on the dating show with him they were so nice to each other and minx was one of the finals

    Maddie NielsenMaddie Nielsen7 napja
  • 3:19 Reactor meltdown in *10000*

    Pumpkin PepperPumpkin Pepper8 napja
  • Me and my friends have a SMP and the owner deleted the world so I decided to never play again Bc that’s the only reason I come on and play. I don’t like any other game except Minecraft and now when they play Minecraft the only thing they will play is something I can’t play. So pls everyone give your own opinion on what I should do. Bc I play on ps4 so i might get rid of it

    Archie DeanleyArchie Deanley8 napja
  • pro tip for when you are imposter when you kill some one go to the emergancy button and the body will vanish

    Bella AbbottBella Abbott8 napja
  • no one gonna talk about how wilbur clearly saw tubbo walk in after jack in electrical before finding phils body?

    Ayoub ElamraniAyoub Elamrani9 napja
  • 3:31 idk why they didnt double kill and idk why will was blind and didnt see sneeg, unless its scripted. wouldnt be suprised if it was

    Ayoub ElamraniAyoub Elamrani9 napja
  • Tommy: -it’s tubbo Five minutes later Tommy: i trust tubb

    Ella KenneyElla Kenney9 napja
  • "oh my god you're so british"

    Emma den DoopEmma den Doop9 napja
  • 3:20

    Leo Is joe mamaLeo Is joe mama9 napja
  • Imagine if a corpse just jerks awake, yells, "I WENT TO GO PEE AND NOW I'M-" and just collapses dead again.

    MoyaMacabre44MoyaMacabre449 napja
  • The only way that I can tell if JustaMinx is talking is the hear the word FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK

    Noah ThompsonNoah Thompson9 napja
  • Tubbo has 2 moods. 1 (which is what everyone thinks of him), he´s a wholesome little cinnimon roll and I just want to hug him and give him a cookie and a bee. 2, he´s a crazy physcopathic murderer who commits arson and tererism, but id still give him a cookie and a bee


    Rian AustinRian Austin10 napja
  • You still have Tommys VLOG GUN. POG!

    Jarek KwiatkowskiJarek Kwiatkowski10 napja
  • hearing ph1lzA, smajor and minx argue is amazing change my mind-

    Blockwalker YTBlockwalker YT10 napja

    omeryeahomeryeah10 napja
  • wiblur soup

    callmebagelcallmebagel10 napja
  • Wilbur said he was going to kill Tommy first if he got imposter, If I was in that game and got imposter I would kill Tommy BECAUSE everyone would assume that Wilbur did it, easy kill.

    Sienna EddySienna Eddy10 napja
  • My favorite quote is now Scott: "What" Wilbur (muted): "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

    Leia KayLeia Kay10 napja
  • Wheres dream?

    CaRtOonZCaRtOonZ10 napja
  • "aaaaayyyyy *claps" nice, *turns mic off* fuck, fuck fuck"

    mackenzie coulmanmackenzie coulman10 napja
  • 22:00 it was tubbo cause he went into electrical with WeirdFish, and when wilbur reported a body right after, it said he was dead

    krusher 21krusher 2110 napja
  • 'I swear on my gaming keyboard' actually fucking got me crying lmaoo

    AliciaAlicia10 napja
  • Fundy: Now chat is gonna say the line Me: dont say it dont say it dont say it Also me:Ehh its fine

    Ambrosia TaylorAmbrosia Taylor10 napja
  • I have learned something from this: NEVER GO INTO A ROOM ALONE WITH WILBUR, NEVER EVER

    JustangelgurlJustangelgurl11 napja
  • This is 200 IQ

    Dusky2dleDusky2dle11 napja
  • wilber: Tommy if i get imposter ill kill u first gets imposter :]

    LEAH-GAMES 2011LEAH-GAMES 201112 napja
  • hello to all the people in twitch chat

    genkigenki12 napja
  • what do u use to edit o-o

    ZappaZappa12 napja
  • Can we just acknowledge how Philza disconnects that one round?

    JanaJana13 napja
  • Killbur slot (yes I'm aware that his name has 1 l the joke wouldn't work without 2 l 's)

    Oscar HuntOscar Hunt13 napja
  • 36:57

    Perseus LocustPerseus Locust14 napja
  • tbubbo

    ArmitronicArmitronic14 napja
  • K

    Luqman AfiqLuqman Afiq14 napja
  • Gremlin child

    NightfallNightfall14 napja
  • I feel weirdly bad when Wilbur said “Tubbo you’re so smart!” I said “Ah ha..never heard that before”

    Sureee BudSureee Bud15 napja
  • 25:43

    molly lewismolly lewis15 napja
  • I love how like every now and then Wilbur starts to play with tommys yoyo lmao

    molly lewismolly lewis15 napja
  • Wilbur: tubbo your the imposter Tubbo: oh okay I love that line

    XxYuukichanxXXxYuukichanxX15 napja
  • When Wilbur saw Connor kill at the beginning, Sneeg was right there too, but he didn’t say anything about Connor killing, and he tried to throw the blame on fundy. If Wilbur had seen that he could have thrown out Sneeg before he was killed.

    Ophelia BarronOphelia Barron15 napja
  • Fundy: "Now chat's gonna say the line :(" Wilbur: "GOOD FURRY. GOOD. FURRY." Fundy: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

    KehriannKehriann15 napja
  • "Oh my god you're so british" Yes

    BeanieMario9907BeanieMario990715 napja
  • 4.03M

    Jayden TylerJayden Tyler16 napja
  • 3:02

  • Wilbur : * sees connor kill infront of him AND sneeg * Also wilbur : * reports body * "It's connor. Sneeg : * dosent say a word about connor * Wilbur : *dosent say a word about sneeg * Next round : * sneeg kills wilbur * * emergency meeting * Wilbur " Sneeg is so good at this game " Time stamp : Wibur sees connor kill and sneeg is silent 3:29 - 4:50 " Sneeg is so good at this game " : 5:16 5:41 Wilbur- sneeg isnt good at the game your just blind lmao

    [] Bıbı [][] Bıbı []16 napja
  • 3:02 for gameplay if u need it :)

    Pandaperfectxx -robloxPandaperfectxx -roblox16 napja
  • *Wilbur and Tommy are impostors* I can see why Wilbur was excited: *it's da british boisss*

    EseinevEseinev16 napja
  • Just......pog...

    Kelen_OiKelen_Oi17 napja
  • Pog...

    Kelen_OiKelen_Oi17 napja
  • Wilbur saw tubbu go in electrical with weirdfish and the reporyed and weird fisch was dead!!

    Bor PeceBor Pece17 napja
  • hey, you forgot you can win on tasks

    Jb MagaboJb Magabo17 napja
  • Congrats on 4 Million!!!

    Tatyanna JanczikTatyanna Janczik18 napja
  • :3 pog

    Christian StoneChristian Stone18 napja
  • 11:04 THE CAMS XD

    lorelei_pumpkin_waffles ajlorelei_pumpkin_waffles aj18 napja