NVIDIA and ASUS Sponsored me to Destroy my Old Computer (ad)

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This video is sponsored by #ASUSROG & #NVIDIAGeForce.
Learn more about Minecraft #RTXOn & how to install the beta: www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/news/minecraft-with-rtx-beta-out-now-download-play/
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  • This is from 6 months ago, and I just noticed they didn’t give him a processor or case

    TheMineCraft ManTheMineCraft Man17 órája
  • Imagen rtx minecraft in vr

    MrTXGMrTXG18 órája
  • soon no one will be able to aford this

    ChrisuendoChrisuendo20 órája
  • my computer is rubbish as well so when he was doing the gameplay footage i thought that that was my computer at 1080p quality dying

    Freggy canFreggy can22 órája
  • 16:12 Table -50HP Chat: Tabe was slain by Wibur Soot by using [Hand LoL]

    i Biberi Biber22 órája
  • no 2090 ti. smh nvidia

  • Ok but has anyone calculated how expensive this would be if you, like us peasants, aren’t sponsored?

    Kiera NickelKiera NickelNapja
  • Everything apart from my case is ROG. I got a Be Quit case. Sooooooooo QUIT

    Venermous YouTuberVenermous YouTuberNapja
  • The silence was so loud

  • please don't call the police on me *again*

  • *Wilbur trying to make an aesthetic Video* *Nearly the whole thing Blurry*

    Star FallerStar FallerNapja
  • what switches does your keyboard have?

    mrflurrymrflurry2 napja
  • if he built that pc then im black

    FPS FinkaFPS Finka2 napja
  • time to sell an organ

    MattMatt2 napja
  • 17:09 well maybe golden play button may looks like it

    vanjadel montesclarosvanjadel montesclaros2 napja
  • My laptop kills itself anytime i look at the shaders i downloaded a year ago to see what would happen

    kylie kleimeyerkylie kleimeyer2 napja
  • Will Vill

    Mr_White 29Mr_White 292 napja

    hayden denthayden dent2 napja
  • man id cry if i had that lol

    CxldCxld2 napja
  • i have a gtx 1650 and it runs better than that

    XSythreXSythre3 napja
  • i know how to build a computer

    TNT PlayzTNT Playz3 napja
  • I didn't even know that you could get a pc with 6gb of ram

    Sulayman BahSulayman Bah3 napja
  • Seems like a good computer, now all that's left is getting a good webcam.

    WaddlesWaddles3 napja
  • the way he says rog is weird

    RYSE ChronicleRYSE Chronicle3 napja
  • Are you using windows 98 on the new pc

    LiamGamerTVLiamGamerTV3 napja
  • he probably sneds this stuff back

    Noah ThompsonNoah Thompson3 napja
  • a SUS

    Blue Dragon42000Blue Dragon420003 napja
    • **insert low quality jpeg of an imposter**

      Blue Dragon42000Blue Dragon420003 napja
  • No tryna flex but my my pc cant even handle minecraft in lowest graphics

    Christine Joy OsorioChristine Joy Osorio4 napja
  • My god your cable management is shit

    Ethan RamsayEthan Ramsay4 napja
  • my pc is lagging from just watching this

    Michal ŠifaldaMichal Šifalda4 napja
  • Why did you not get Plainrock124 to do a bored smashing video on your old pc.

    Peterbuilt 200Peterbuilt 2004 napja
  • Wilbur, you can say what u want, buuuut.. that game-play shit

    Logan PoolLogan Pool4 napja
  • Why TF does ur old PC have a gtx 1070 what is pretty good still and u pair it with 6gb of ram!

    AlexcrafterAlexcrafter4 napja
  • jeeze das gud computer my one has second graphics card ever an sound like it would explode when i turn it on

    Lee HughesLee Hughes5 napja
  • The game is more beautiful than him

    arseneliumarsenelium5 napja
  • Would br funny if nvidia and asus just trolled him and he didn’t have a computer anymore

    XcentricXcentric5 napja
  • Yes but wtf does my man only have a fkn motherboard, PSU and GPU in is pc and an AIO without a bloody cpu?

    Harmlessrabbit048 !Harmlessrabbit048 !5 napja
  • Bro noone gonna talk about how you literally cant notice the around 50,55 FPS since his recording software is a$$

    NiceratorNicerator5 napja
  • the fact that when he clicks his keyboard keys on the new computer makes it so much better xD

    SkywalkerSkywalker6 napja
    • what

      CorbiniusCorbinius5 napja
  • watch this from my phone not even my 3 years old laptop can handle it

    uqintuqint6 napja
  • *Explosion* Subtitles: [M U S I C]

    Random_ DavidRandom_ David6 napja
  • I wish that I had the money to do all that but hey if he made videos for that long with that I can get by😀

    Leo KuntzmannLeo Kuntzmann6 napja
  • Wilbur do be having an EPIC PC though

    SkyglowSkyglow6 napja
  • This is the best 25 minute ad ever

    Thepizzaboy0908 crusaderThepizzaboy0908 crusader6 napja
  • Some kid in the comments: "I CONVINCED MY PARENTS 6 MONTHS FOR ALL OF THAT"

    Mikhael SihalohoMikhael Sihaloho7 napja
  • your old pc is actually good i mean gtx 1070 is still god graphics

    Piotr SchroederPiotr Schroeder7 napja
    • But 6 gigabytes of ram while streaming is really bad

      bruh #2bruh #27 napja
  • wilbur back at it agin fingering stuff

    Ethan DayEthan Day7 napja
  • I feel like he is auctioning stuff of to me and I don't have a choice but to buy it. I've never watched a sponsored video like this, it works for him somehow.

    KittenTune 101KittenTune 1017 napja
  • To the pc

    Flynn CressyFlynn Cressy7 napja
  • Simp simp simp simp

    Flynn CressyFlynn Cressy7 napja
  • Now all wilbur needs is to be sponsored by a camera company so have a good quality cam

    Helena GayHelena Gay7 napja
  • Dude his cable management hurts me

    VoidVoid7 napja
  • imagine if the sponsor just trolled wilbur and just didnt give hima new pc

    FL!TS [rogue]FL!TS [rogue]7 napja

    SoloGames .-.SoloGames .-.7 napja
  • Sooooooo? what's the cpu of the new pc? you never said. :l

    M1raclePvP_M1raclePvP_7 napja
  • My laptop has more gigabytes than wilburs d e s k t o p c o m p u t e r

    The channel of possible asphyxiationThe channel of possible asphyxiation7 napja
  • "I have been using usch a crap machine for years..." Me using a 2008 HP laptop with graphics and CPU from 2006 **Commences to cry in corner**

    UJustGotVectordUJustGotVectord7 napja
  • His cable management makes me want to die lol

    Noah DavisNoah Davis8 napja
  • my computer is worse than wilbur's old one it is an rog computer it's got a gtx 765m 8 gigs of ram a intel i7 full of dust including all the usb ports a massive hole in the side and the power button is jammed in so I cannot turn it off. also 6 years old

    Ian WalkerIan Walker8 napja
  • did he ever learn that redstone repeaters can make the redstone signal go further

    Garrett SepulvedaGarrett Sepulveda8 napja
  • Is it really that sad that I can relate? ;-;

    EvtraEvtra8 napja
  • wait a second... again?

    Connor BraykoConnor Brayko8 napja
  • Is it sad that his old pc is EXTREMELY better than mine?

    Bdog MarshallBdog Marshall8 napja
  • The fact that my pc can't handle the PICTURE of the video

    HulkHolden21HulkHolden218 napja
  • Wimblur, did they ask for the pc back?

    North London RailwaysNorth London Railways8 napja
  • Now you have to remove ur old effects :D like "starting soon" and u put a 1980 pc lol

    ImCPG ZoxImCPG Zox8 napja
  • Did he say gtx 1070 is good the fuck

    Markus TateMarkus Tate8 napja
  • Asus MoRe LiKe A sUs InPoStEr 😂😂😂👌👌👌 ( yes I cringed 55 times while writing this comment)

    GrehGreh8 napja
  • My 12 year old pc is friggin 2.5 gigs of ram my new pc is 8 gbs of ram "this is awsome"

    Cave CanCave Can8 napja
  • Wait until he finds out about stained glass

    Ilikepotatos312Ilikepotatos3129 napja
  • cable management 10/10

    LepmarkLepmark9 napja
  • If i was in Wilburs place I would just crumble the cpu and shout out “DIEEEEEEEEĖEEE” for about a 69 seconds ngl

    Galaxite BedwarsGalaxite Bedwars9 napja
  • will how much would this cost for all the stuffs

    Preston Keefe 43 (STUDENT)Preston Keefe 43 (STUDENT)9 napja
  • ad within an ad

    k1dk1d9 napja
  • Lol Wilbur was reading all the stuff about his new pc components from his phone

    Nagavamsi KrishnaNagavamsi Krishna9 napja
  • Woew

    _.Paulo_Gamez.__.Paulo_Gamez._9 napja
  • When Wilber was good

    AxConnorGamesAxConnorGames9 napja
  • Asus? Sounds kinda sus to me.

    LernydLernyd9 napja
  • Wiblur you filthy casual - a guy that has 3 active monitors one of which is 5" bigger than yours

    Andrzej SzafranAndrzej Szafran9 napja
  • I have a nvidia GeForce rtx 650

    Dynamite TwsDynamite Tws9 napja
  • 20:28 LET ME IN PLEASE

    Da butter dogDa butter dog10 napja
  • Is my pc good? It has 2.4gb of ram and no graphics card and overheats turning on. But 7 frames on minecraft though

    AntiMatterAntiMatter10 napja
  • me watching this on an asus..... you know id really appreciate it if you didn't hold his family hostage well maybe the youngest nah just kidding.... you can keep tommy

    EPainterEPainter10 napja

    SHOT GUN530SHOT GUN53010 napja
  • wilber poog

    YaparrotboiYaparrotboi10 napja
  • Has this man heard of compressed air?

    CabbageSFMCabbageSFM10 napja
  • 8:50 thank you premiere

    Jonerd777Jonerd77710 napja
  • the game is lagging with the new computer too

    eyal tiftieyal tifti10 napja
  • Will what is the song at 8:35

    QuiltedMarker85QuiltedMarker8510 napja
  • "If you can't beat 'em, break into their house." so beautiful ;o

    Aidan LaneAidan Lane10 napja
  • Can someone put the cost of that pc?

    Julio SilvaJulio Silva10 napja
  • 4:23 i love the way after all the lag wilber thinks 'oh i think to fix this i need bigger render distance'

    MorganPGMorganPG10 napja
  • 6:11 OMG

    Abel TadeseAbel Tadese10 napja
  • Core i5 and 1070 is a good pc bruh u just don't clean it so thermals are garbage ANF YOU USE STOCK INTEL COOLER. You could have gotten more ram and a better cooler Still cool video anyway

    A snakeA snake10 napja
  • i need A new pc i use a chromebook :c

    SP649 says hiSP649 says hi11 napja
  • “This Town Ain’t Gonna Burn Itself” -Wilbur Soot 2020

    Pikachu Production'sPikachu Production's11 napja
  • 7:34 is where I can enjoy the fact that I am better than famous people in at least something at the age of 12 8:36 *completely smashes my dreams, the way I thought Wilbur was gonna break his old PC

    Jack ALPERTJack ALPERT11 napja
  • heck my laptop is 10 years old yet its pretty fast just idk if it can play minecraft tho

    m0n5terflav0uredjuulp0dm0n5terflav0uredjuulp0d11 napja
  • the fact that 1.5 million people clicked on a 25 minute video with *(ad)* in the title is just legendary

    akire108akire10811 napja
  • this video is how i found wilbur soot lol

    the ghostthe ghost12 napja