Ruining Ooblets with TommyInnit, Nihachu and Fundy

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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • “the people are stuffy and there aren’t any ooblets” why wilbur left london

    blinking white guyblinking white guy11 órája
  • Wilbur: I brought in my friends tommyinnt aka child, ninachu aka woman and fundy aka furry Not me dying🤣😂😅😆😆😅😂🤣 XD

    Cookiecat1127Cookiecat112712 órája
  • 0:13 a flower, because of flower beds

    FluffyBunnyFluffyBunny19 órája
    • also a river and a truck

      blinking white guyblinking white guy11 órája
  • Alternative title: A lonely idiot, a child, a woman and a furry try ooblets

    GoopyGoopy20 órája
  • Poor Mathew

  • when animal crossing and pokemon has a child:

    Emily MiaoEmily MiaoNapja
  • Wilbur: I brought in my friends Tommy, niki and funds What shows on screen: child, woman, furry

  • 00:15 flower- like a flower bed.

  • How does Tommy carry every conversation he's in

  • Yiyi

    ThunfischThunfisch2 napja
  • I'm liking this simply for the cage the elephant implication.

    Sephino_Has_NameSephino_Has_Name2 napja
  • Fundy mic cuts are so perfect

    TheBandanaDeeTheBandanaDee2 napja
  • make your ooblets do the wap its the shiny charizard of this game

    ConfigConfig2 napja
  • i love his subgoal at the beginning "punch TommyInnit"

    ConfigConfig2 napja
  • I am very scared. Please don't hurt me

    Matthew BoyleMatthew Boyle2 napja
  • This is willbur and Tommy talk while nihachu and Fundy are also there

    chomusukechomusuke3 napja
  • did he meow at the end?

    Sam PattisonSam Pattison5 napja
  • ....child.....woman.....furry....wilbur..... The four nations lived in harmony until the child attacked

    Tristen PattersonTristen Patterson5 napja
  • Wilbur : enjoy this LITTLE one-off video Me : *checks have long the video is* Also Me : this is 23 minutes long

    Astrid MacollsAstrid Macolls6 napja
  • a fun thing abt the first part is Tommy was technically right. Trees have beds. The forest bed is a trees bed and they do not sleep.. they die and then get revived

    Evan HallwaysEvan Hallways6 napja
  • Child,Woman and Furry

    YohanaYohana7 napja
  • imagine playing a game and losing and then you hear tommy's voice going *"you've lost. you've failed."*

    harana_ fayeharana_ faye8 napja
  • The thumbnail tho

    SpikeSpiegelSpikeSpiegel8 napja
  • I know you and Niki are not dating but you are perfect for each other, and i think you should be sometuing more then bestfriends.

    Sejla CajaSejla Caja8 napja
  • i dont think wilbur got paid a lot

    racøönracøön9 napja
  • why is nobody talking about how the intro to the game is just your city gave me asthma

    WormingsWormings10 napja
  • I feel like Wilbur is drunk in most of these videos, not sure why

    ɱεɪɪα ɱεʟʟɵωɪɴɒɱεɪɪα ɱεʟʟɵωɪɴɒ10 napja
    • I honestly don’t think your wrong...

      Goblin frog is pogGoblin frog is pog9 napja
  • Me who plays ooblets on a daily basis and almost finished the beta of the game in ONE DAY : oh well u did not do that right but i like ur style

    • Glitchcore Babies •• Glitchcore Babies •10 napja
  • Wilbur I brought my friends ........... Child Woman Furry

    Paisley TaylorPaisley Taylor10 napja
  • ah yes, the three genders: child, woman, and furry

    ElisaElisa11 napja
  • "My lil sheep f*ck" -Nihachu

    Fireboy GamingFireboy Gaming11 napja

    rin :Drin :D11 napja
  • is there really a pogcast and can i lisen to it?

    tenikio*da*potatotenikio*da*potato11 napja
  • The thumbnail gives me life

    t kt k14 napja
  • I love wilburs perfect depiction of tommy who = child nihachu who = woman and my favorite funny who = furry

    Cats 4lifeCats 4life15 napja
  • All I heard and seen was “I collect little creatures and battle them” I was like why tf did he just explain Pokémon-

    L҇i҇l҇i҇ S҇a҇p҇p҇h҇i҇r҇e҇L҇i҇l҇i҇ S҇a҇p҇p҇h҇i҇r҇e҇15 napja
  • this whole “you can live here if you work for me” thing sounds a lot like indentured servitude

    caroline mcaroline m15 napja
  • child, woman, furry, and ghost

    Emma BEmma B15 napja
  • welcome to the gang here we got child - he scream woman - an alien furry - cancer

    Aidan LaneAidan Lane16 napja
  • "just don't dig anywhere under 6ft around here" Me: That's suspicious That's weird

    XenøphiåPlåyzXenøphiåPlåyz16 napja
  • The amount of times i've seen this video is ungodly

    Gaia NNGaia NN16 napja
  • I would listen to pogcast on spotify

    itzyaboihumanitzyaboihuman17 napja
  • Wilbur : i bought in my friends TommyInnit Nihachu Fundy Da vid : *child* *Woman* *Furry* Me : I mean- He aint wrong 👁️👄👁️💅

    RqodeRqode17 napja
  • wait which new Pokémon game sword or shield???? i have sword c:

    Annakii pulleineAnnakii pulleine18 napja
  • "child, woman, and furry" ah yes, the three genders/j

    I NeedInternetI NeedInternet18 napja
  • And That's Why you have ooblets following you and not friends - Fundy sep 28 2020

    Madison MillsMadison Mills18 napja
  • A: Child Woman Furry And Dirty Crime-Boy

    Calum BCalum B19 napja
  • I brought in my friends Child Woman Furry

    QuacklesQuackles19 napja
  • 3:35 Dance Monkey Danc

    Sky StormbornSky Stormborn19 napja
  • ah yes, the three genders child, woman and furry

    angelhaerimangelhaerim20 napja
  • “I have a bed but I never sleep” An insomniac 👁👄👁

    Blue UniversxBlue Universx20 napja
  • 8:01 theres a woman who just BURSTS OUT OF THE BASEMENT IM DYING XD

    AfyonAfyon20 napja
  • Audio: “I brought my friends tommyinnit...” Text: “I brought my friends *child* ...”

    RosalieRosalie20 napja
  • Wilbur in Minecraft: starts some weird cult within 5 minutes of every game. Wilbur in Ooblets: Noooo omg this place is all cultists! Guess he doesn't like the competition....

    Fledhyris ProudhonFledhyris Proudhon21 napja
  • Niki saying "My little sheep fuck" was so powerful honestly

    MichelleMichelle21 napja
  • That person six feet down be like : 💀

    Error _makerError _maker21 napja
  • w o w two days before my birthday- thx for posting my bday gift wilbur-

    -Dino Does Gacha--Dino Does Gacha-21 napja
  • P

    JackalerJackaler21 napja
  • Yes a very deeply sad banjo...

    LilitherooLilitheroo21 napja
  • Wilbur: "Yeah, just hold them at gunpoint, take their seed and leave" Fundy: "Yeah wouldn't that be funny??" *FUNDY NO, NOT THE OOBLETS*

    Miyaki NaokaMiyaki Naoka22 napja
  • So is this like cottagecore pokemon

    arius lovegoodarius lovegood22 napja
  • 4:17

    AR-Twinkle ReynoldsAR-Twinkle Reynolds22 napja
  • alternative title: wimblur ,child,woman and furry play ooblets.

    madzmadz23 napja
  • wilbur toot

    Arianna T. MalaluanArianna T. Malaluan23 napja
  • The answer to the riddle is a river

    XrayvillaXrayvilla23 napja
  • My name is Matthew and even though it wasnt me I was like "HE SAID MY NAME" I felt special but also offended

    DogboygodDogboygod23 napja
  • Important qestion: Is it ok for me and my family to watch these together? Edit: no it isnt.

    Vlogs and more with AJVlogs and more with AJ24 napja
  • ‘I’ll add him back when he’s learnt his lesson’ wil ur acting slightly like his parent...... 😂

    CatableCatable24 napja
  • answer to riddle: flower has a flower bed but doesn’t sleep

    HazzaL07HazzaL0724 napja
    • Couldn't the answer also be a river?

      XrayvillaXrayvilla23 napja
  • *will: ima get you a sheep Niki* *twitch chat* SIMP SIMP SIMPPPPPP* XD

    Liliana RobertsLiliana Roberts24 napja
  • Child, woman, and furry

    Ori OriOri Ori24 napja
  • Are we not gonna talk abt how British he is when he says “luv”

    Dirt EggDirt Egg24 napja
  • Hi Nikki!... hi Wilbur

    Valerie RuizValerie Ruiz25 napja
  • Ooblets mayor: exists wimblur: *its free real estate*

    8 Bitz8 Bitz25 napja
  • 4:23 : Wilbur : House Me *intense flashbacks* Also me: “house house”

    Txy_Why?Txy_Why?25 napja
  • *My lil sheep fuck* 🥺

    sneezesneeze25 napja
  • Why do I have to be called Matthew

    Matthew ParnabyMatthew Parnaby25 napja
  • Ah yes child, women and a furry

    Lotem tabrisiLotem tabrisi25 napja
  • 13:10 lmao 🤣

    IshDatForReal?IshDatForReal?25 napja
  • Why is no one talking about how good the last “sad banjo” was 👀

    _Heather_ Potato__Heather_ Potato_25 napja
  • Fundy was just the embodiment of sass this entire video and frankly, I quite enjoyed it

    BunNotFoundBunNotFound25 napja
  • Wilbur: I brought in my friends Tommy Innit "child" Niachu "woman" and Fundy "furry" :)

    InkInk25 napja
  • Ok I’m the only one watching this at 2am In the uk 2021 wile eating an Easter egg 😂

    duncan da hamsterduncan da hamster25 napja
  • The pure panic and confusion in Fundys voice just makes me laugh so hard

    ooga boogaooga booga25 napja
  • "Child,Women,Furry"

    C l o u d yC l o u d y25 napja
  • Tommy, Niahchu, and Fundy (Their 100% real names; Child, Woman, and Furry)

    XAriahGamingXXAriahGamingX25 napja
  • Look its baldbur

    Yes insomniacYes insomniac25 napja
  • Roses are red Violets are blue Tommy likes the halo theme Do you?

    Dana RossDana Ross25 napja
  • “no money or skills” just three produced songs

    Amelia BonterreAmelia Bonterre25 napja
  • “women, furries and children this way”

    Amelia BonterreAmelia Bonterre25 napja
  • Dang I wish I could afford this game it looks so fun and wholesome

    Angela SharpAngela Sharp25 napja
  • The Man, The Woman, The Child, and a wild furry.

    thomas shorethomas shore25 napja
  • The thumbnail looks like morgz

    DeathsnipzDeathsnipz26 napja

    Moonlit CloudsMoonlit Clouds26 napja
  • ,,WHO IS THIS GUY!? Im trying to pick up cans. nOoO i dont wanna Buy your buns" -Wilbur Soot 2020 12:19

    SheekySheeky26 napja
  • I was in a Discord vc at 5:57 and I thought someone joined the vc I was in

    Gooosey TimeGooosey Time26 napja
  • "I brought in my friends child, woman, and furry and it all went downhill from there"

    Okami DrawsOkami Draws26 napja
  • *Tree*

    GrogingtonGrogington26 napja
  • Technobye

    Doodoovy RealDoodoovy Real26 napja
  • I just love when he said ¨Child, woman and furry¨ I pissed my self xd

    Lily FrenchLily French27 napja