So I Destroyed TommyInnit's Toys on Stream

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I met TommyInnit in real life. This is how we almost won Minecraft Championships and what ruined his gun.

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Filmed Live on Twitch:


Today Wilbur Soot met TommyInnit in real life... Tommy stole Wilbur's key and broke into his office and started livestreaming. Tommy left his plastic things in the office and this is the video on how I destroyed them.

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • Ive unsub

  • Soot?

    Ganendra NugrohoGanendra Nugroho3 órája
  • I don't Have a cat wilbur

  • Who knew stealing someone’s wallet, breaking into an office and shooting them makes them angry

    Owen SUNDEROwen SUNDER3 órája
  • 1:40 "hey girl give me your money"

    CloviesClovies8 órája
  • rest in peace vlog gun 😔

    Just zoeyJust zoey9 órája
  • When he started to talk about youtube unsubscribing people I walked to my cats and then he said, or I'll steal your cat. And I was oh no!

    yesyes11 órája
  • A

    RTGR8 YtRTGR8 Yt13 órája
  • “I appreciate the kindness, but look what we’re dealing with man” -Wilbur to Tommy “I appreciate it, but look what we’re dealing with man” -Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson I think Will might be a game grumps fan, because he said it the exact same way Arin did.

    Makkusu SaisuMakkusu Saisu14 órája
  • My jaw dropped

    Aced StatisticsAced Statistics14 órája
  • this gives off big sibling vibes

    Shoyo hinataShoyo hinata14 órája
  • 7:52 who else saw ren (renthedog)

    yessica romeroyessica romero15 órája
  • 13:57 it looks like Wilbur has a black eye sort of

    Kieran GoetzKieran Goetz15 órája
  • nobody gonna say that joel and scott was literally in 2.6 seconds of this video?

    gacha._. armorygacha._. armory18 órája
  • r.i.p vlog gun

    ossum1ossum119 órája
  • Wilbur: If your not subscribed, IM GONNA STEAL YOUR CAT Me: 1. I dont own a cat? 2. IM SUBSCRIBEDDDDD!

    W o l f i eW o l f i e20 órája

    Adriel RainerAdriel Rainer20 órája
  • 3:00 as my cat is next to me while i’m making cereal, please do not take her, i love her


    Team ToksTeam ToksNapja
  • I have no cat but you can steel my hat

    Stephen GrantStephen GrantNapja
  • literally fundys reaction us funny

  • F

    Fabiano FernandesFabiano FernandesNapja
  • Is no ond going to talk about how BIG Wilburs feet are? Like I know he's really tall but his foot is so big!!

    Kai RayKai RayNapja

    Jose SisonJose SisonNapja
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    Lana TaylorLana TaylorNapja
    • ;)

      Dylan LunneyDylan Lunney23 órája
  • i was stroking my cat while watching this... let’s just say i got scared.

    Honor KernahanHonor KernahanNapja
  • “What will I be without my gun?” British.

    • 🤣

      Honor KernahanHonor KernahanNapja
  • the chat is like: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • EE EEEE EE E e ee ee e e e ee. E eeeee

    roger ranardroger ranardNapja
  • I missrea the title to " i destroye myself with tommyinits toys on stream

  • Wrong website whoops

  • He has toys👁👄👁

    Athanasia KeikoAthanasia KeikoNapja
  • Trash compactor=foot

    Ic McgIc McgNapja
  • Home home

    Hannah EricsonHannah EricsonNapja
  • Eating animal crackers and watching Mr. Soot

    Lillian GerbodeLillian GerbodeNapja
  • Meet Wilbur Shoot

    xDreamii_ MoonxxDreamii_ MoonxNapja

    Simon SöderlundSimon Söderlund2 napja
  • I'm gonna just say that you can not physically steal my cat because I don't have a cat

    Callme WhateveryouwantCallme Whateveryouwant2 napja
  • RIP the vlog gun #1

    Kirbo BoiKirbo Boi2 napja
  • Wilbur is that neighbour who doesn’t give the ball back if it goes in their yard.

    NotJuxerNotJuxer2 napja
  • guys, can I just mention that Wilbur is 6 foot 5 inches Wilbur is tall boy

    Kayla SachsKayla Sachs2 napja
  • VLOG GUN NO!!!!!!!!!

    NiceNice2 napja
  • was the "LOOK AT WHAT WE'RE DEALING WITH HERE MAN" bit a GG reference-

    NortNort2 napja
  • Wilbur i will make sure you go to jail for this

    Tiny desk engineerTiny desk engineer2 napja
    • @Tiny desk engineer its not

    • I am not a stan i just want him to go to jail for destroying a little childs toy whilst laughing and threatening him that he will deatroy thebother one too i am pretty sure that is illegal

      Tiny desk engineerTiny desk engineer2 napja
  • Not pog.

    AriWasFoundAriWasFound2 napja
  • Dirty crime boy

    Drazan JuricDrazan Juric2 napja
  • im never leaving any of my stuff with willbur

    isabella spencerisabella spencer2 napja
  • I don’t have a cat but I’m going to Buy one so you can just come and steal it

    Nourah SalemNourah Salem2 napja
  • Aufrufe:7 Kommentare 6.423 nice

    L. B.L. B.2 napja
  • *Thanus*

    Prismic ExePrismic Exe2 napja
  • This feels differently after L’Manberg blowing up AND both Tommy & Wilbur’s last canonical deaths.

    Hope HollowayHope Holloway2 napja
  • Lucky i dont have a cat

    Jakob ChristensenJakob Christensen3 napja
    • not all cats are pests

      a face you can trusta face you can trust3 napja
  • i love his vlog gun

    PotatoPotato3 napja
  • Aww tommy sounded so sad at the end when he said “ok, ok I’ll be with you”. Play it over and over again and you’ll understand 🥺🥺

    TertleTernupTertleTernup3 napja
  • breaking news: *21 year old man traumatizes his 16 year old brother*

    MST_SpaceCarrot ‘-‘MST_SpaceCarrot ‘-‘3 napja
  • I dont EVEN hava cat

    MR TARRMR TARR3 napja
  • I don’t have a cat or a dog

    Alem samuelAlem samuel3 napja

    Valerie PipalováValerie Pipalová3 napja
  • Jokes on you I don’t have a fucking cat.

    yare Yare Dazeyare Yare Daze3 napja
  • Wilbur you did NOT...

    LunaFurRealLunaFurReal3 napja
  • Man really shot wilbur and he realized wilbur didn't like it and stopped smiling

    milk v2milk v23 napja
  • "Youuuuuu, solda boy tell em" 🤣 I'm dead. My humor is dead

    Amanda ChapmanAmanda Chapman3 napja

    SomegaSomega4 napja
  • I have better title : Adult man distroy a 16 yo kid toys

    kareem mushashakareem mushasha4 napja
  • WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cergs RojasCergs Rojas4 napja
  • Lol

    Cammy HughesCammy Hughes4 napja
  • 3:02 me: stares at cat

    Shortie DIY xxShortie DIY xx4 napja
    • lol

      a face you can trusta face you can trust3 napja
  • it is me, the dirty cruiiiime boye

    MonkeymanMonkeyman4 napja
  • 3:13 tommy: I don't know what that means :D

    marry me hisokamarry me hisoka4 napja
  • He was Wilbur soot But now he’s Wilbur shoot

    Itz_PlutoItz_Pluto4 napja
  • dang that gun was fragile

    Brother BobbyBrother Bobby4 napja
  • Poor vlog gun :’(

    VexVex4 napja

    Froggy McDobbyFroggy McDobby4 napja
  • Don’t worry worry Wilbur I’m still subscribed

    CookieKing32CookieKing324 napja
  • 2:57 haha jokes on you i dont have a cat

    Aimperenc MemeAimperenc Meme4 napja
  • Tommy!!!! His face

    Angel LycanAngel Lycan4 napja
  • I now have a screenshot of Wilbur with the vlog gun

    Lyla LoganLyla Logan4 napja
  • 0:45 Tommy is literally me when my mum comes in my room mad at me and wills my mum

    Kayleigh GreenKayleigh Green4 napja
  • wilbur is literally tommy’s dad lol

    Kayleigh GreenKayleigh Green4 napja
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Medhansh RathiMedhansh Rathi5 napja
  • *wilbur* i don’t have a *cat*

    Dreamer V4Dreamer V45 napja
  • Guess he doesn’t get a new gun lol

    saki_ saki_saki_ saki_5 napja
  • "what type of man am i without a gun" definitely not American atleast

    matt person and nothingmatt person and nothing5 napja
  • When a criminal left his gun: Gun is his origin story: The criminal: No don't do it. No- no don't do it.

    Joshua CuratoJoshua Curato5 napja
  • "Do you want me to start downloading?"

    Oliver Fischer SchwartzOliver Fischer Schwartz5 napja
  • I literally got so scared when Wilbur ripped the infamous vlog gun out of tommys hand. I would be terrified of angry Wilbur

    EmelyEmely5 napja
  • did anyone notice the old generation of mcyt players randomly just there... like i swear i saw joey graceffa, smallishbeans, seapeakay, smajor1995

    Mia DimadisMia Dimadis5 napja
  • Wtf

    Villager #9Villager #95 napja
  • Am I the only one that noticed sapnap?

    Stella Winchester the catStella Winchester the cat5 napja
  • My cat is dead =/

    Sanad GhawanmehSanad Ghawanmeh5 napja
    • get a new one

      gloriagloria5 napja
  • Never thought I'd hear Tommy say this: *I'm stabbing the shit out of Joey Graceffa.*

    Weird Reader :PWeird Reader :P5 napja
  • He aiNt gOn bE sParKlin nOe mOe -Tommyinnit, 2020

    e ge g6 napja
  • Rip

    Leezy PeezyLeezy Peezy6 napja
  • will my cat has cancer pls dont she just got an operation

    Crowley PlayZCrowley PlayZ6 napja
  • Imagine the gun was a persons head

  • I love how happy and proud Wilbur was knowing that he destroyed the child’s toy

    Kitana KahnKitana Kahn6 napja
  • i am terrified of wilbur now. i can imagine him stomping my head into the concrete

    Vomer ConchVomer Conch6 napja

    jimase86 《minceraft》jimase86 《minceraft》6 napja
  • VLOG GUN!!

    Peterbuilt 200Peterbuilt 2006 napja
  • Omg smallishbeans 3:11

    John Lemuel BalaquidanJohn Lemuel Balaquidan6 napja