Terraforming the Moon in Minecraft

2020.nov. 6.
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Please don't break my moon base. Please I beg you. I made this moon base with my bare hands (and 100 others)
@Technoblade @Ph1LzA @TommyInnit
Filmed Live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
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Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

  • Big fan

    Ramani HealyRamani Healy2 perccel
  • when he said "life finds a way" i got deja vu and when i realized what it was i got Jurrasic Park nostalgia

    Morag Jackson-BougrineMorag Jackson-Bougrine8 perccel
  • If we lived in a Minecraft world would it be easier to live or harder? Ah screw it Minecraft makes everything better even if your fam was killed my Thanos (Forget about them you got Minecraft! JK lol)

    *Foxes Can Animate**Foxes Can Animate*41 perce
  • In a older version you could’ve done it on an realistic moon with galacticraft. But it would’ve been a lot more challenging because you would need to worry about oxygen

    Scrappy The MechanicScrappy The MechanicÓrája
  • 7:16 since when does Kokichi play minecraft ESDRFTGYHU

    Izuru KamakuraIzuru KamakuraÓrája
  • 9:30 Wilbur: look at this dude The 'dude': has a skin with a non binary flag. I'm guessing wilbur didnt know the flag or just didnt notice.

    H SoperH Soper3 órája
  • I like how the chat sees the Kokichi guy and just spams it and then it’s just “ MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM “

    -Sukiyaki--Sukiyaki-3 órája
  • "Kokichi was squashed too much" BAHAHHAHAHA I CANT RN

    Strawberry PantaStrawberry Panta4 órája
  • The person who got water, their skin was kokichi

    Kokichi OumaKokichi Ouma5 órája
  • 15:40 Philza and Wilbur: have a very interesting conversation. Techoblade on the background:

    Phillipa-Schuyler CampbellPhillipa-Schuyler Campbell6 órája
  • I love the start

    Deimantas GamingDeimantas Gaming8 órája
  • “FT Sleepy boi’z

    Gideon LyonsGideon Lyons9 órája
  • 15:18 That was a squeaky wheeze- o. o

    NimbusNimbus10 órája
  • Why did you put a tree in the moon.. Just find mr.beast to take care of that hahahaha

  • Seeing Kokichi made my day

    Kira _ ShōyōKira _ Shōyō15 órája
  • Food Problem Solution : P E A C E F U L

    ViridxuzlyViridxuzly17 órája
  • All 4 of them are like related Philza the oldest techno and Wilbur the middle people and Tommy the youngets

    The Dumb PiggyThe Dumb Piggy18 órája
  • feeling cute 1:25

    PhoenixGaming101PhoenixGaming10119 órája
  • i do not have a manburg skin 🤮 i have a L'manburg skin l'manburgs better

    sidsid19 órája
  • I came up with a name for all of the guys who worked on this. We had the dream team. Now we have the Moon Buffoons.

    L PL P20 órája

    Mattias LapollaMattias Lapolla20 órája
  • Wilbur: I dont- I don't do lyrics Also Wilbur: Your new boyfriend I'm in love with an e-girl Saline solution Jubilee line Internet ruined me Ect

    AmirahAmirah21 órája
  • When you made tommy stand next to the sign i took a screen shot i am going to *maybe* make it my backroind or my image on here

    TIMMY AftonTIMMY Afton22 órája
  • Techno whole video: YEET

    DIAS 42DIAS 4222 órája
  • Theory: Dream went into prison to escape the egg.

    Lightning King -o-Lightning King -o-22 órája
  • Lies it takes three seconds

    PokePuppyPokePuppy23 órája
  • wilbur:*goes undergrund and finds alot of water* also wilbur:HOW DID THEY GET WATER!?!?!?!?!?

    Jan PirsJan PirsNapja
  • the intro of this vid is so good

  • 11:39 L’manbuerg be like

    Strawberry 69Strawberry 69Napja
  • Technoblde was just over there like BAh bAh baH BaH Bah bAH bAh bAh Bah bAH Bah bah BAH

    Du other 1Du other 1Napja
  • wilbur: i'm going to look at the result from the top and i don't want to be able to tell which one is moon and which one is earth also wilbur: *destroys almost everything they create with TNT*

    Mell Does ThingsMell Does ThingsNapja
  • “How did you get water!?!” Kokichi finds a way

    Mitch GamesMitch GamesNapja
  • @holybananapeel it’s not true

    Suck- 4 -LifeSuck- 4 -LifeNapja
  • The first bit made me sick

  • "Hey guys, notice how as soon as TommyInnit left, the world went to shit. That should teach you something." R.I.P.

    Kai _Kai _Napja

  • "he doesn't own knives." Only when there's no orphans

    Dona NasolDona NasolNapja
  • tommy: Americans believe anything they hear me being an American: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TOMMY NOT TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE

    sunnyskies robloxsunnyskies robloxNapja
  • “And in that gown he doesn’t own knives” *sounds more like a question Tommy*

  • Phila: quite old, married to a women Techno: has a Golden crown, wears a gown, doesn't own knives Wilbur: is a musician, sings about women Tommy: is massive, massive

  • this is my favorite group of people, many laughs

    Emily WhitakerEmily WhitakerNapja
  • why was i expecting the comments just just be " *mmmmmmmm* "

    Ell BellEll BellNapja
  • 14:20 TECHNO

    Cokeinnit :]Cokeinnit :]Napja
  • I no joke screamed cause HUworld unsubbed me

    Todoroki WifeTodoroki WifeNapja

    Jankus / Ultimate NormieJankus / Ultimate NormieNapja
  • Let’s just be real we came here just to listen to this rap made by them

    A RandomgmailA RandomgmailNapja
  • 8:00 i'm a huge mythology nerd, so i'll answer this question. When most people think of moon deities, they think of goddesses. They think of Diana and Luna, Selene and Artemis, Hekate. The list goes on. However, in this they said God, not goddess. I know there are multiple pantheons with a moon god, but the only one that comes to mind is the Norse god Mani

    xXSnow BerryXxxXSnow BerryXxNapja
  • 7:21 wilbur, even if he would tell you, it would be a lie bc its...KOKICHI OMA THE ULTIMATE SUPREME LEADER

  • if you ask for stuff on one of wilburs videos you obviously dont watch wilburs videos

    Henry RogersHenry RogersNapja
  • The 1.8k dislikes are from 7 year olds who aren’t allowed to hear swears

    Jake GovanJake GovanNapja
  • Me in the first 30 seconds what did I click on

    Dimond DragonDimond DragonNapja
  • 10:56 theyre looking at the moon from the moon, nice

    Gnibster •Gnibster •Napja
  • PHILZA:Just chillin with the boys

  • Poggins has a question to *axe* that woman

    KittyKubeKittyKube2 napja
  • I did not skip a ads for once

    Paul nathan MenesesPaul nathan Meneses2 napja
  • 0:47 Wilbur this is the first time I’ve seen you not say 99.99% percent ARE subscribed

    Imogen BreakwellImogen Breakwell2 napja
  • 13:49 there was so much power in that head turn i felt it

    hihi2 napja
  • Wilburs motto "Life finds a way" Also torture

    Dread ZoneDread Zone2 napja
  • hi kokichi from Daganrompa v3

    Jay_King123Jay_King1232 napja
  • highkey feel bad to all the players in this lmao

    catboy jisungcatboy jisung2 napja
  • Alt title: minecraft but youtubers have op (and its on the moon)

    mojibmojib2 napja
  • 11:38 "its was never meant to be."

    sascha velgersdijksascha velgersdijk2 napja
  • 6:19 girlinpinkza: "i want happiness" same yo FeelsBadMan

    OkiiruOkiiru2 napja
  • funny pun i guess idk

    g0blinboig0blinboi2 napja
  • How do you recover from being called leafyishere.

    Rokie YTRokie YT2 napja
  • I just want you to know when I'm sad I watch your videos

    thesafe haven LTBQthesafe haven LTBQ2 napja
  • Techno blade with his enchanted poop

    Fiona SchimanskiFiona Schimanski2 napja
  • Fun fact: tennisfreak9596 actually changed his name after this

    AleeAlee2 napja
  • In the thumbnail tommy has braces lol

    LogicLogic2 napja
  • 7:25 They found water on the poles of the moon. In craters which are in constant shadow. The opposite of the bright side :P Also the moon doesn't have a bright side. It has a near side and a far side. It has a one month day night cycle (The fazes of the moon are caused by this).

    PlanetfallPlanetfall2 napja
  • looks like l'manburg... now all i think is... wow the moon is being ruled by a a pretty princess piece of s__t

    Chelsea BalashChelsea Balash2 napja
  • is it just me or are techno's eyes just so funny that he doesnt even have to do anything except turn his head and its bloody hilarious

    Alice the UnicornAlice the Unicorn2 napja
  • Why does Tommy hate Americans? I'm American and I like British people

    Kid JeeperKid Jeeper2 napja
  • The 4 bois: *vibin* Wilbur: *breaks the music box note* The 3 bois: *stares at wilbur and bans him*

    I t s C l o u d y M i c aI t s C l o u d y M i c a2 napja
  • glad to know that if they became gods we’d all be deas

    Miranda RoseMiranda Rose2 napja
  • "I don't do lyrics"- Wilbur Soot's Final Words.

    Faiza DeenFaiza Deen2 napja
  • Best line ever “Technoblade wears a gown. In the gown? He doesn’t own knives”

    Vin CorVin Cor2 napja
  • 11:38 Why do you give me PTSD?

    Anna Grace GaineyAnna Grace Gainey2 napja
  • 12:36 best part

    Seb BeastSeb Beast2 napja
  • 13:51 tecnos reaction after almost killing the man

    Siddhant GuptaSiddhant Gupta2 napja
  • Tommy: that’s the fellow from the Lorax... right? Techno: *no I think that’s leafyishere*

    Da epik seiilaDa epik seiila2 napja
  • When the family get together:

    Wolfy the galaxy wolfWolfy the galaxy wolf3 napja
  • well kokichi oma nice danganronpa skin though

    Rain BrightRain Bright3 napja
  • Tommyinnit 2020: I look at the ground and think the ground is sadder then I am

    arcanite /arcanite /3 napja
  • 3:58 should have used 1.16 wood instead

    Anna SmithAnna Smith3 napja
  • new title: the blade going on a rampage with powder for 18 min

    Brayley BeverlyBrayley Beverly3 napja
  • Your old boyfriend is gay

    Molly GaineyMolly Gainey3 napja
  • Hey gys its the blown up art of lamanberg @11:56

    ahmed tahiruahmed tahiru3 napja
  • What about the other 0.5 people? 0:49

    carter nicklescarter nickles3 napja
  • Anybody else just love the way Tommy is animated in the thumbnail

    Nathan LealNathan Leal3 napja
  • techno: *launches guy off treehouse* me&will: *dying of laughter*

    Edwin Lown IVEdwin Lown IV3 napja
  • 7:16 Ah yes remember when KOKICHI OUMA WAS IN MIECRAFT? I CERTAINLY DO!

    Doctor GregDoctor Greg3 napja
  • The Sleepy bois will always bring joy to us❤️

    Marcus The Albino WolfMarcus The Albino Wolf3 napja
  • Did you get copyrighted for that first part?

    Bone8Bone83 napja
  • Wilbur gets banned

    George MortonGeorge Morton3 napja
  • "His name is Philza Minecraft" "And he is quite old" "He is married to an woman" "And that is interesting" "Technoblade has an golden crown" " *I am massive. I AM MASSIVE.* " "Wilbur Soot" "Is an musician" "He sings about woman" "Which i find cool" "Technoblade wears a gown" "In the gown?" "He doesn't own knives."

    LuhiLuhi3 napja
    • Brady Neal lmao

      LuhiLuhi2 napja
    • Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah

      Brady NealBrady Neal2 napja
  • Not Tommy, but TECHNO banned him 🤣

    Sewane_Sewane_4 napja

    Ognimod OiranidroOgnimod Oiranidro4 napja
  • Hhahahahahaha techno keeps slapping players

    Simon Say's TVSimon Say's TV4 napja
  • No one Literally no one Thumbnail philza has a tag with the name chad on it

    Rbx _zehRbx _zeh4 napja
  • 🤐🔫

    Nicholas Janse Van RensburgNicholas Janse Van Rensburg4 napja