The Wilbur Soot Best of 2020!

2021.jan. 5.
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Not the best of Tommyinnit despite what he'd have you believe
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


    William LorussoWilliam LorussoÓrája
  • I've watched this cursed thing like 4 times already, kill me.

    Emma kitty catEmma kitty catÓrája
  • It’s funny when you and tommy have brother moments

    CaptainCheezee121 ‘CaptainCheezee121 ‘5 órája
  • RAWR

    Grey GachaGrey Gacha7 órája
  • Nobody when they die: Wilbur when he dies: *falls into wall* 4:29

    Ramzi11aRamzi11a9 órája
  • Dad?Are you communist?!*procede to kill him*

    D SD S9 órája
  • Oreli is a god among men

    Newcomb RageNewcomb Rage10 órája
  • 4:43

    Savannah CoxSavannah Cox11 órája
  • 1:59

    Savannah CoxSavannah Cox11 órája
  • I can be ur dad if u want

    Knightmare_OnYTKnightmare_OnYT11 órája
    • Wilber

      Knightmare_OnYTKnightmare_OnYT11 órája
  • 0:42 badboyhalo on dreamsmp

    DangerHamDangerHam11 órája
  • Pigeon!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!

    Zz Night_Mare zZZz Night_Mare zZ14 órája
  • i want whatver this dudes on

    george drewgeorge drew17 órája
  • When wilbur soot have 4.26 M subs but not verified Sad Wilbur noises

    Sofs GamerSofs Gamer17 órája
  • Did anyone cry when Tommy gun was killed

    Andres RamirezAndres Ramirez18 órája
  • my jaw actually hurt i laughed so much

    ConfigConfig19 órája
  • bilbur hoot

    KraftedMCKraftedMC20 órája
  • 59:55 the journey that Phil's face goes through and the length of the pause before that 'what' flippin kills me every time

    LiannaLianna21 órája
  • Awwww pigeon noooooooooooooooooooooo by Wilbur Me: We will be right back

    Liam DuffieldLiam DuffieldNapja
  • Just saving timestamps; ignore me 1:10 3:10 10:10 12:10 14:10 15:30 22:10 23:35 26:10 28:10 29:20

  • Hey peeps check out Egcobes1122 NoobEes and Woku !

    Kaine PerryKaine PerryNapja
  • "YEA DADDY DREAM!- Ah-Oh wait no-"

    It's Me Rachel!It's Me Rachel!Napja
  • i'm hungry for hot pocket now

    enei kurayamaenei kurayamaNapja
  • 1:12:16 okay, but in what way Wilbur?

    Fun_Nuggets 2Fun_Nuggets 2Napja
  • Next try not to laugh someone send roboma

    Sean BibergSean BibergNapja
  • Sry I gtg

    Draven RudnickDraven RudnickNapja
  • Dose wilbur ever brush his hair?

    • With all respect

      vonamanvonaman19 órája
  • i fell asleep during this and woke up to schlatt yelling at wilbur to sing.

    Olivia MitchellOlivia MitchellNapja
  • minx cries over wilbur eating bananas

    HomeSlice BreadSliceHomeSlice BreadSliceNapja
  • 13:44 I’m hate to tell you this Wilbur... but that wasn’t your dad... That was your uncle... Philza is your dad

    All about That BassAll about That BassNapja
  • “Classic case of the hammer head! That’s a dolphin type” Me: it’s a shark 🤣

    All about That BassAll about That BassNapja
  • Pétition for Wilbur to let his beard grow

    just milanjust milanNapja
  • Mom:EY, WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT 4AM?! My stoopid mind:

    Bianca ElenaBianca ElenaNapja
  • Am I the only one who thinks Tommy's voice is so much like Tobbo's at 34:06?

    Zsófia CselleZsófia Cselle2 napja
  • wilbur not being muted when he got imposter gave me anxietyyyyy

    Cee ShouseCee Shouse2 napja
  • Is Wilbur gay

    Dhiffdb sfghjkDhiffdb sfghjk2 napja
  • 4:16 amogus

    Crummy BoiiCrummy Boii2 napja
  • Mom

    demo channeldemo channel2 napja
  • 1:34 uhhh

    My life is hellMy life is hell2 napja
  • 4:04

    Bingo WasnameoBingo Wasnameo2 napja
  • This was posted on my birthday p

    Mikean Kokichi Himiko and NagitoMikean Kokichi Himiko and Nagito2 napja
  • 1:16:09

    iris jaffeiris jaffe2 napja

    Sahara the dragonSahara the dragon2 napja
  • I still can’t believe Wilbur had a teabag in his water bottle

    Hunter WhitledgeHunter Whitledge2 napja
  • 11:06

    Sharayah MarchSharayah March2 napja
  • People

    Hypersniper248 JonesHypersniper248 Jones2 napja

    Leon RyanLeon Ryan2 napja
  • 1:13:14 EEEEEEEE

    Soren The GuardianSoren The Guardian2 napja
  • i love how he ended with a clip of him flipping everyone off

    d r e a m yd r e a m y2 napja
  • "if u wanna come over to BRIYTEN"

    Ava Belle ColeAva Belle Cole3 napja
  • the parts that i remember vividly are IM GAY FOR THE EGG, Tommy and Quackity trying to bone him, YEAH DADDY DREAM oh wait no

    d r e a m yd r e a m y3 napja
  • 1:10:00 I'm bout to get a banana 🍌 :D

    Evan LEvan L3 napja
  • This should be called Wilbur out of context

    CipsulCipsul3 napja
  • By the time I got 30 minutes through the video I laughed so much my thought hurt😂

    Minecraft How ToMinecraft How To3 napja
  • Fun fact: If you eat 10,000,000 bananas at once you will die.

    MiracleSupremeMiracleSupreme3 napja
  • The Pigeon will be Remembered

    Ansh GohaneAnsh Gohane3 napja
  • Wilbur's sub count has jumped from like 3.95 Million to 4.2 Million in less than a month. Good on him.

    Savannah BlechaSavannah Blecha3 napja
  • cockroach

    HelpHelp3 napja
  • 53:22 my question is how the fuck did u break that it on step!? If I treat on one,the gun wouldn’t be broken my my foot will be tho like I know it’s an gun from the pier but even then?

    •Lavender Daisy••Lavender Daisy•3 napja
  • 6:36 why did I expect Fundy to say ‘and... see ya’

    MuwuMuwu3 napja
  • Y does minx seen offended by Wilbur eating

    I’m BoredI’m Bored3 napja
  • when you said ''Phil answer your phone'' at one point in this video someone called me, it was weird

    Arctic FoxArctic Fox3 napja
  • the blade the soot and the tub, the famous trio

    Parker SchoberlParker Schoberl3 napja
  • Did I just watch this without any stops in the whole video??

    ᴥGipeo BearᴥᴥGipeo Bearᴥ4 napja
  • wilbur with a beard is disturbing.

    * Luna Eclipse** Luna Eclipse*4 napja
  • 4:10 Hi i am Ella and my life its kind of crazy

    Ella BellaElla Bella4 napja
  • I'm watching this because I know I'm about to get rejected so I might as well be happy when I do

    Evan LaceyEvan Lacey4 napja
  • pleas more kooky epic amogn us. video

    kinetosiskinetosis4 napja
  • amogn us content plsease

    kinetosiskinetosis4 napja
  • 0:00

    im a jokeim a joke4 napja
  • 04:48 That segment still makes me smile so wide. "I'M SO HAPPY FOR HIM" Omg, this is too pure.

    Jade RushJade Rush4 napja

    Leyna FehrLeyna Fehr4 napja
  • 1:28:39 That's not me that's an imposter that stole my skin and won't give it back

    Biggy CheeseBiggy Cheese4 napja
  • Wilbur: *”I’M GAY”* Wilbur’s female simps: Well then..

    Dagga & JujuDagga & Juju5 napja
  • me perdonas

    JayceWasTakenJayceWasTaken5 napja
  • The Eating Sand Saga shall forever be ingrained in my mind.

    JayceWasTakenJayceWasTaken5 napja
  • Toady Toady uis here

    bowyplays YTbowyplays YT5 napja

    hockey_regihockey_regi5 napja
  • sometimes I forget that Wilbur is older than Schlatt

    liahliah5 napja

    DeviserDevonDeviserDevon5 napja
  • #tommyinit the pinged comment you made. That’s worse then technoblade drop kicking the child in defense Pog?

    Chloeplayz RobloxChloeplayz Roblox5 napja
  • Just finished watching Tommy’s one and now another hour of Wilbur

    hoehoe5 napja
  • Your the first person who isnt full of them selfs and is nice and kind but if you say somthing mean its a joke so thank you for getting us through that shit year you are really the fucking best and dont forget it!

    cool dudecool dude5 napja
    • The whole beginning of the video is him just laughing and falling

      Glitterly PowerGlitterly Power2 napja
  • 2:31 omg hahahah

    TaraXWarriorTaraXWarrior5 napja
  • "How is being arrested real? Just walk away." - Wilbur Soot, 2020

    Tactical Nuke567Tactical Nuke5675 napja
  • The poor girl didnt want him to eat the banana

    Gavin WolfGavin Wolf5 napja
  • Alternate title: Wilbur Soot just being "Wilbur Soot" for an hour and a half

    Swagger LinkSwagger Link5 napja
  • The flippant chinese distinctly dry because tortellini fundamentally strip from a upbeat lynx. languid, moaning parent

    Alberto CecchiniAlberto Cecchini6 napja
  • The fact that I found this in a HUworld generated Lofi/hip hop playlist lol

    BellzyBellzy6 napja
  • that image of htop killed me

    FyreWolfFyreWolf6 napja
  • Where is WolfClawGaming 😭

    Lara graceLara grace6 napja
  • ok but tommy absolutely butchering human anatomy in that video had me dead

    GingerRoseGamingGingerRoseGaming6 napja
  • nice

    Benedikt GudjonssonBenedikt Gudjonsson6 napja
  • I actually hated Will because i thought he was this guy that lied to a fandom about a character returning until i discovered his HUworld channel

    Lugarugan DuskLugarugan Dusk7 napja
  • i also hate anteaters even that name i cant

    therian girltherian girl7 napja
  • Im doing try not to laugh but I failed when he got called Wilby LMAO

    _ItzCharlotte__ItzCharlotte_7 napja
  • Why does Wilbur look and sound somewhat like DanTDM

    James YoungJames Young7 napja

    Reaper The RaptorReaper The Raptor7 napja
  • 8:20 Father Philza, his two crackhead children, and their pet duck

    Little MeapLittle Meap7 napja
  • 5:45 yes I love ordering men online

    wassiblewassible7 napja