Tommy Makes Surgeon Simulator 1000% Funnier

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tom :)
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    Wyatt MccullahWyatt Mccullah14 perccel
  • if shak wily uick it feel like the zex hapens

  • Man Boat! It's A Man boat

    Exotic ButtersExotic ButtersÓrája
  • This killed me

    Exotic ButtersExotic ButtersÓrája
  • When I saw the thumbnail, what the fuck did you do?

    InquisitiveRavenInquisitiveRaven3 órája
  • *rips out intestines* HIS BRAIN

    Gus MudkipGus Mudkip4 órája
  • im dying of laughter

    sapphire gaskellsapphire gaskell5 órája
  • wibbur soot

    unown256unown2565 órája
  • Pogo just subbed

    Elliot FosterElliot Foster5 órája
  • 0:40 80.2+19.3=99.5 Me: where the .5!?

    Tucker CulhaneTucker Culhane5 órája
  • There’s just something about Tommy in the body of a black women

    Burgurboi BurgurboiBurgurboi Burgurboi6 órája
  • "Tommy's a woman, feeling good" *That goes in the quote book*

    bippity boppitybippity boppity6 órája
  • Did Wilbur even reach that sub goal where Wilbur invites an office worker in?

    Victor MasaruVictor Masaru6 órája
  • 13:22 why does it sound like he is saying L'man boat like L'man burg

    F4d3lessF4d3less6 órája
  • What's the Game Called?

    Sixten PetterssonSixten Pettersson8 órája
  • “Hey can I use your boat” Some random person: “Wdym I don’t have a boat” No you do, its called a man boat and it’s you”

    RexerRexer8 órája

    Edwynne JandaEdwynne Janda11 órája
  • man boat

    multifxnd0mmultifxnd0m12 órája
  • Mouth, egg, nom

    Shady_SplooshShady_Sploosh12 órája
  • Eh

    Shady_SplooshShady_Sploosh12 órája
  • hammer head dolphin

    Roses are RedRoses are Red12 órája
  • L’man boat

    Nvclxqr SmokeNvclxqr Smoke13 órája
  • Everyone is dying of laughter at the “need a hand” thing WHEN IM DYING AT “chair”

    Not LexisNot Lexis15 órája
  • Unpopular opinion but I don’t actually think Tommy and Wilbur are gonna win at surgeon simulator tomorrow. I’ve challenged them with an immediate disadvantage of not being surgeons... that’s gonna be really hard no matter how good at gaming they might be

    MereKatMereKat15 órája
  • Is Tommy in vr because he hit the woah

    Olivia KilduffOlivia Kilduff16 órája
  • *chair*

    ASMR NachoASMR Nacho19 órája
  • 2 Minutes in and I’m already dying of Laughter

    • Sᴏғᴛ Mᴏᴄʜᴀ •• Sᴏғᴛ Mᴏᴄʜᴀ •22 órája
  • The snoot drooped

    a lonely lil piece of buttera lonely lil piece of butter23 órája
  • 8:45 MAN BOAT

    DrRatYT jazeDrRatYT jazeNapja
  • fun fact: tommy is wilbur's comedian and stress

    Jhh GhJhh GhNapja
  • Nobody : Tommy HELLO BIG MAN

    Cole LavinCole LavinNapja
  • Tommy: “Cold” drops it on the mans hand

  • Door: Opens. Wilbur: *This is the funniest thing ive ever seen*


  • this is one of the best videos on the internet

  • to bad he's fucking dead now.

  • Trams check:tommyinnit *calls Wilbur dream*

    Memes Are goodMemes Are goodNapja
  • I watch your twitch ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ᕤ

    renee maloneyrenee maloneyNapja
  • this is my comfort video

    elwryn is tiredelwryn is tiredNapja
  • pulls out intestine OH NO THE BRAIN

    Andrew LiAndrew LiNapja
  • Wilbur: F O O T B O L L tommy: I'm giving him leg arms. LARMS.

    Aubssnipit _Aubssnipit _Napja
  • the world is better when tommy tells storys

    vicky masonvicky masonNapja
  • tommy: LARMS me: *snorts* LARMSSS

  • i am man beetle

    Julian MyersJulian MyersNapja
  • my name is julian

    Julian MyersJulian MyersNapja
  • I´m never going to the doctors office again...

    amy heubergeramy heubergerNapja
  • this looks just like my last surgery I know that cause it didnt go well lmao

    Henry RogersHenry RogersNapja
  • any time i watch Tommy i die, any time i watch Wilbur i die, watching this vid i could not breath

    Gavin-Michael GileGavin-Michael GileNapja
  • Boat mannn

    faze potatofaze potatoNapja
  • When the title says 1000% funny it’s true because I rarely laugh and I nearly died by it XD

    _Ęrrør_pęrsøn__Ęrrør_pęrsøn_2 napja
  • Did Tommy call the intestines a brain? 💀

    Kirsten HayesKirsten Hayes2 napja
  • Foot man Innit

    xCeresxCeres2 napja
  • not me getting triggered when they say brain but its the intestines 😔😔

    axeaxe2 napja
  • someone dying isnt a code red its a code blue

    nadienseanadiensea2 napja

    ixcloudiesixcloudies2 napja
  • “Uh oh- classic case of the hammer head. That’s a dolphin type thing you know.”

    TubboLikeDaBeeTubboLikeDaBee2 napja
  • Bees control tommy

    Destiny VanmetreDestiny Vanmetre2 napja
  • How do we tell them that the "chest brain" is not a "chest brain"...XD

    kiwi lynnkiwi lynn2 napja
  • DrillInnit be like RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Theodore GrafTheodore Graf2 napja
  • tom :)

    Idi0t._.Gacha._KidIdi0t._.Gacha._Kid2 napja
  • My name is not my mom's name it's EVVA!

    Melissa SaathoffMelissa Saathoff2 napja
  • This video is probably one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched, i jus haven’t stopped violently laughing

    Emma LucanoEmma Lucano2 napja

    Linn UhrwingLinn Uhrwing2 napja
  • Tommy is such an angel 😇👼

    Paula MoePaula Moe2 napja
  • Tommy was like the case of a hammer head that's a dolphin

    strawberry mocha lattestrawberry mocha latte2 napja
  • my dad is a surgeon

    Emmett HunsakerEmmett Hunsaker2 napja
  • "Tommy's a women feeling good" "what?!" OH YOULL UNDERSTAND WHEN YOU'RE OLDER ✋🙄

    SleepyASHIISleepyASHII2 napja
  • 7:46 well its actually code blue not red

    red top hat gamingred top hat gaming2 napja
  • That was not his brain in his chest that is his stomach

    Exotic EggsExotic Eggs2 napja
  • “Do you know anything about sugery?” “Yes!” *10 min later* “Im more of a gamer than a doctor”

    _that_.girl._who_ Lol_that_.girl._who_ Lol2 napja
  • 6:17 did he just call Wilbur dream

    Johnny JimJohnny Jim2 napja
  • im just laughing the whole time LMAO

    Ave Regina OquialdaAve Regina Oquialda2 napja
  • Why is no one talking about the bee thing at the end

    • Lunaqxii •• Lunaqxii •2 napja
  • I can’t help but always seeing the body in the thumbnail as a squidward car

    PickleMip GamingPickleMip Gaming2 napja
  • God I love their friendship so much it’s so sweet sobs

    Seven :DSeven :D2 napja

    Ang CarrAng Carr2 napja
  • It’s the guts not the brain

    Cole SCole S2 napja
  • them were pros also them calling his stomach a brain :I

    Go Berzacr gamingGo Berzacr gaming2 napja
  • tommy is racist against feeeesh

    Robo CanadianRobo Canadian3 napja
  • L'manboat

    『·Aʑυl·』『·Aʑυl·』3 napja
  • I’m watching this in class and I went to the comments to try and not think about how funny this was but when I looked at the first two I burst out. Now I’m going to have a fun time explaining why I was laughing so hard😂

    Theodore BervoetsTheodore Bervoets3 napja
  • Tommy 6:15 dream whats in this room

    Amogh BadikolAmogh Badikol3 napja
  • 6:18 I have re-watched this clip so many times

    marmello 'marmello '3 napja
  • Did anyone else hear tommy call wilbur dream 6:16

    Juniper MiltonJuniper Milton3 napja
  • People say "don't you think Tommys laugh is annoying?" Me "Yeaa?" People "Then why do you still watch him?" Me "I DONT GIVE A SHIT IF HES ANNOYING IM HERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT !!!"

    Im BisexualIm Bisexual3 napja
  • Boat

    Just Don’tJust Don’t3 napja
  • “Oh no his brain! Quick, wiggle it off.”

    AudreyAudrey3 napja
  • yeaa it did glitch and unsub me but i subbed backk

    Ajda ŠtibeljAjda Štibelj3 napja
  • Why is tommyinnit way more funny when he is not showing his face

    Pleasedontcallmecarson 2.0Pleasedontcallmecarson 2.03 napja
  • Two dead boys hanging out

    E EE E3 napja
  • Wilbur: "He needs a right arm change and a left leg change" The left arm and right leg: "How high are you?" Wilbur: "No sir, it's hi, how are you?"

    Ashlynn MorganAshlynn Morgan3 napja
  • Tommy:"ill give him a little cut" Also tommy:*cuts while leg off*

    no one love youno one love you3 napja

    GoatyisCleverGoatyisClever3 napja
  • 8:27 isn’t that his large intestines..?

    Kayla PattersonKayla Patterson3 napja
  • 6:21 Tommy: Well excuse you- *Glitches through fucking door and almost breaks it*

    _.P0txtx.__.P0txtx._3 napja
  • there his intestines

    Tapiwa ChiwedaTapiwa Chiweda3 napja
  • “LARMS”

    Random PersonRandom Person3 napja
  • Murder is not a laughing matter, Wilbur.

    pedro recinospedro recinos3 napja
  • hewo

    Christian Manuel Hernández CanalesChristian Manuel Hernández Canales3 napja
  • in his own videos, tommy is a nuisance in wilbur's videos, tommy is a force of chaos

    NitzelNitzel4 napja