Wilbur Soot - Your New Boyfriend (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Music used:
Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Piano by Wilbur Soot
Backing Vocals: Chevy
Bass by Dmitry Lisenko
Trumpets by Isaac Beer
Produced by Wilbur Soot

  • OUT NOW ON ALL MUSIC STORES! Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/4vLBnQtece15fFhqWxZvJP?si=qthZHi4pRHSwGsUMLQjWtw

    Wilbur SootWilbur Soot2 hónapja
    • This is my favorite song I listen to it every day on the way to school. Thank you so much for marking this. You are a living god.

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    • H

    • G UY

    • Congrats on 3mil!!!

      JulianJulian2 hónapja
    • .. of course ive met jared.

      boketto-lyboketto-ly2 hónapja
  • i dind't knew there where 15k e-girls impressive

    JArOnKJArOnK3 perccel
  • This is the best song you made holy I am going to be awake al night having this stuck in my head

    UncontrollableUncontrollable4 perccel
  • this man said jason derulo 💀💀💀💀

    zzeroozzeroo8 perccel
  • So we are just gonna ignore the glass door that shows shows Wilbur's refection?

    Mckayla SwansonMckayla Swanson11 perccel
  • People who showed the live chat replay. 50% of them were Pog

    BrozBreakGamingBrozBreakGaming13 perccel
  • It's scary how over 28 million people watched this yet wilbur has 4.28m subscribers. (It's sad as well :( )

    TheRussian UnderNeathYourBedTheRussian UnderNeathYourBed16 perccel
  • why is this such a bop-

    -moonbright--moonbright-36 perccel
  • Now I’m 26 and I work in a office

    Gamer GirlGamer Girl36 perccel
  • 3:41 "jason derulo"

    medixcre ytmedixcre yt36 perccel
  • Wilbur is this the only way to confess to niki?

    xdFarmBoixdFarmBoi38 perccel
  • Lol

    Lorenzo Batista SanchezLorenzo Batista Sanchez42 perccel
  • you cant tell me this wasnt make for nihachu

  • que bosta =) deixa like qm concorda =)

    angelo _gamerangelo _gamerÓrája
  • only Wilbur could make a song about being in love with a girl and stILL SOMEHOW HAVING TO EXPLAIN THAT HE'S NOT GAY

    Lucy HeartfiliaLucy HeartfiliaÓrája
  • Me before the song :( Me after the song :) :) :)

    aiden mulleraiden mullerÓrája

    awkward_ frogawkward_ frogÓrája
  • This is a gamer song all gamers listen to this.POG

  • Imagine the “girl” being Dream and the boyfriend is GeorgeNotFound and Wilbur is secretly I love with Dream

  • views at 28 300 400 right now

    Sian WakelingSian WakelingÓrája
  • Is anyone else here bc of Tubbo singing this in auto tune? 😂

  • i did this as my yearbook quote "When I'm one click away from insane I just think that I deserve A little bit of what I earned"

    Sara VeitenheimerSara VeitenheimerÓrája
  • no one mentioned that in the music vid he says im not gay tho 1:46 but in the you smile you lose vid he says "im gay for the egg"

    Super TimSuper TimÓrája
  • Wilbur: Means I am not allowed in Disney World Me: Yeah with that smile of a murderer you probably shouldn't Wilbur: *Goes quiet* Me: Ok maybe I didn't me- Wilbur: He's in your bed, I'm in your twitch chat Me: Yeah ok I should leave

    Gaming DynamixGaming DynamixÓrája
  • ive been listening to this on repeat for 6 hours bestys

    Rocco The PupRocco The PupÓrája
  • this is awesome

  • I dont have fkn social skills

    Marlene CorreiaMarlene CorreiaÓrája

    Dem-leigh gamer ColeeDem-leigh gamer Colee2 órája
  • i wonder how many people still watch this like if you are

    Harvey JonesHarvey Jones2 órája
  • i really really hate HATE the fact that ur GAYYYYY

    Mr _GreysomeMr _Greysome2 órája

    Mr _GreysomeMr _Greysome2 órája
  • nuice

    atomic_stair YTatomic_stair YT2 órája
  • That's 15K people with not taste I tell y'all

    Small_ BobaSmall_ Boba2 órája
  • so uh my friends and I made up a different lyrics so it goes like this “but he’s in your bed and I’m in Trash can, I’ve got the key but he’s just a trash bag”

    Ray EnRay En2 órája
  • Like literally this man is such a pretty boi when he’s smiling and being all expressive. But as soon as he pulls one of those no expression faces he looks like he’s gonna kill you.

    Raeanne 😍Raeanne 😍2 órája
  • is this about niki?

    Random PotatoRandom Potato2 órája
  • im a guy

    henry linghenry ling2 órája
  • Idk what’s better “ he’s in your bed but I’m in your twitch chat” or the WOOOO 😹😹😹

    Jenna TurtleJenna Turtle2 órája
  • I’m blasting this in my ears and singing it my mom is looking at me like I’m crazy (I am-)

    Dj._. KittyDj._. Kitty2 órája
  • This is fire💗

    Sophie LouiseSophie Louise2 órája
  • poggers song

    Potato BoiPotato Boi2 órája
  • wilbur this song is actually fucking fire

  • You know you've f*cked up when your not aloud in Disney world

    ranbooranboo3 órája
  • lets go wilbur hi from uruguay

    el cundo 2200el cundo 22003 órája
  • All the ghost in my room seeing me vibing to this song

    charlene Kentoncharlene Kenton3 órája
  • Thats what i'm listeing every day

    Sayori beanSayori bean3 órája
  • this is my sister: shes a beauty she a grace shes a grace she has a pic of tom riddles face

    EmmathecrackheadEmmathecrackhead3 órája
  • I think the spray bottle represents a gun emplying he is going to kill him self because he's getting so upset, wilbur is a genius

    PilotPilot3 órája
  • Is anyone else wondering what Wilbur did in Disney world when he was 23

    Cyntia Wolburg PascoeCyntia Wolburg Pascoe3 órája
  • Wow..

    That Frog BxtchThat Frog Bxtch3 órája
  • Question is: what exactly was he holding up to his head? Bleach? Water? Tea? We may never know...

    dinasardinasar3 órája
  • This is a good song but my retard friends keep playing it so many fucking times I've grown to hate it

    Marco AbelMarco Abel3 órája
  • Hey hi hello Wilbur I just wanted to say that this song and dreams new(ish) song have inspired me to start to listen to a lot of music and I'm currently working on a song so Thank you -Mason =)

    Mason nugentMason nugent3 órája
  • Its the" JASON DERULO" for me-

    Nia MohammedNia Mohammed3 órája
  • This gave me Stiff Dillon’s vibes

    Mads WorldMads World3 órája
  • This songs so attractive

    JackThePrickJackThePrick3 órája
  • pog champ

    Cody HuntCody Hunt3 órája
  • OwO

    Willow HawleyWillow Hawley3 órája
  • POG

    Jack HarknessJack Harkness3 órája
  • Him: Ooo My mind thinking hes saying OwO-

    N0t T3ddyN0t T3ddy4 órája
  • Is this for niki

    Apples EUApples EU4 órája
  • why does already feel nostalgic?

    Ali AhmedAli Ahmed4 órája
  • Yandere

    FezzaFezza4 órája
  • guys...... GUYS......... *GUYS* Why do I hear boss music?

    BeedgehogBeedgehog4 órája
  • This is so good!!!!👏👏👏👏

    NAE eliotNAE eliot4 órája
  • What is this?

    Rio M.Rio M.4 órája

    Jurrien SpithoutJurrien Spithout4 órája
  • "I'm not gay though" "She's living a dream"

    Clwny BxshClwny Bxsh4 órája
  • 1:21 Uhh wilbur why are you shoving a fire extinguisher up your fricking nose

    Bill CopsBill Cops5 órája

    Flix-_-Flix-_-5 órája
  • Pog.

    Franchesca RoskellFranchesca Roskell5 órája
  • Im still here

    sylvv _sylvv _5 órája

    PeakyPeaky5 órája

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  • lol

    RoboparvRoboparv5 órája
  • @willby

    ItzsamuelItzsamuel5 órája
  • Oii wilbur im sorry to be late but bro you are a professional im such an idiot im sorry dammit

    Rossete BlossomsRossete Blossoms5 órája
    • Youre not an idiot friend, you're beautiful, loved and amazing, nobody is an idiot. Have a good day :))

      Franchesca RoskellFranchesca Roskell5 órája
  • this was made cause nikki thought he was gonna choose host

    PixelcraftPixelcraft5 órája
  • 2023?

    Pucky NguyênPucky Nguyên5 órája
  • 2022?

    Pucky NguyênPucky Nguyên5 órája
  • We choose wilbur is new boyfriend So much people want to be wilbur's boyfriend How?

    Pucky NguyênPucky Nguyên5 órája
  • no one: Literally no one: Tommy in college with Eret: HES IN YOUR BED BUT IM IN YA TWITCH CHAT

    ITZJKITZJK5 órája
    • Tommy lives in England and Eret lives America

      •Sweething••Sweething•2 órája
    • @UrbanRose I think so because he said in a stream that he and eret were singing it in college the day it was released

      ITZJKITZJK3 órája
    • Wait they go to the same one?

      UrbanRoseUrbanRose4 órája
  • I like this

    Pucky NguyênPucky Nguyên5 órája
  • im just listening to this while doing my school work :)

    Brookie HunterBrookie Hunter5 órája
  • Those dislikes are probably from jared's jawlines shoulders and muscles

    Fire voltageFire voltage5 órája
  • Can we please check that Nikki’s ex isn’t called Jared

    May TownsendMay Townsend5 órája
  • #POG

    CupCup6 órája
  • I turned on captions and the captions is going faster then the real song XD

    :Clxver[]Skies::Clxver[]Skies:6 órája
  • jAsOn dErUlO

    Izzy O'ReillyIzzy O'Reilly6 órája
  • Wow you have good voice I love its hahahaha

    Gacha GabrielleGacha Gabrielle6 órája
  • 1:10 Wtf was that???!!! 😂😂

    Nur HazirahNur Hazirah6 órája
  • 2:42 He's in your bed I'm on your doormat But I've got the key...to your flat 1:07

    t. tt. t6 órája
  • Song =POG

    Samuel MenziesSamuel Menzies6 órája
  • Sing this on Britains got talent. I guarantee you'll win! :)

    Uwu _queenUwu _queen6 órája
  • She living the dream 👁👄👁

    Zaga PaxZaga Pax6 órája
    • From back when we were 17

      Miu IrumaMiu Iruma6 órája
  • you watch it 10 times and add it to your play list

    eva burdalleva burdall6 órája
    • I did watch it for 1 hour

      Miu IrumaMiu Iruma6 órája
  • what normal people hear : cause she moves on pretty b-----y quick ohh wo what anime obbsed people hear: cause she moves on pretty b-----y quick OwO

    virgil aftonvirgil afton6 órája
  • POG

    ORA GamingORA Gaming7 órája
  • 1:11 that smile scared me :(

  • 3:50 Wilbur...calm down, you're so young for cleaning....

    Mr. ZinnoMr. Zinno7 órája
  • Wilbur be vibin

    Joshua JempsonJoshua Jempson7 órája